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Sun was Shining

Posted in Art, Photos, Seattle with tags , on January 19, 2010 by trapperKeeper

MLK day saw Seattle blessed with some much needed sunshine.  I took advantage and got out for a walk and sit by the water. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a sunset and the clouds were static (I shot some video too).  Still, practice is practice and there was at least a nice rich blue sky.  The space needle has been photographed ad nauseum, but Myrtle Edwards Park provides some unique composition opportunities in the winter due to the bare trees.

I need to do significant editing soon, but have been putting it off.  Here are some pictures from today that are good enough to be seen prior to editing.  I’m having an issue syncing the colors on my camera and computer.  I think the problem is on the computer end.  Whatever the source, the fact the white in images appears significantly brighter on the monitors than it is on the camera is annoying, but hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.

Taking the tripod out made shooting easier.  Holding a camera steady can be difficult if not impossible in low-light, like the light I was shooting in today.  Tripod shooting is nice, but it still can be cumbersome.  I really want one of these:

Though, I would prefer to have one with a blade bottom.  This glorious tool would make photography during the zombie apocalypse much easier.