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Alley Cat

Posted in Cats, Photos, Street Art with tags , , , on June 25, 2010 by trapperKeeper

Maine Coons are by far the friendliest and least skittish of the cat breeds I’ve been around.  Walking up the alleyway to my friends I noticed a furry cat in the distance.  Getting a little closer and putting out my hand, it came running up like I’ve had other Maine Coons do.  I’m guessing the cat was a male based on the size.

Summertime, Finally

Posted in books, Cats, Photos with tags , , , on June 25, 2010 by trapperKeeper

Stella had a run in with another cat today, this one a new one.  All black with green eyes, Stella was drawn into a stare down right away.  As usual, it was Stella who hissed.  Her size alone was enough to intimidate the other, slender, feline.  Mr. Black came around a second time, but Stella chased it all the way up the stairs.  Never seen her do that before.  A vicious protector of her turf.  Don’t let the regal demeanor fool you.  Anyhow, while Stella was doing her outdoor cat thing I read a fascinating book, My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey ( about strokes written by a brain scientist who suffered a stroke at the age of 37.  Knowing very little about strokes besides it was damaging trauma to the brain involving bursting blood vessels and often resulting in the loss, at least temporary, of  linguistic and motor skill abilities.   Simply written, My Stroke… is a fast, yet informative read of the onset of a stroke and the recovery from the trauma.  It appears summer is finally here after dealing with some unpleasant weather lately.  Seattle hadn’t seen temperatures over 75 degrees in 174 something days until the streak was broken on Wednesday when it got to 78.