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Fall Rain (The Way of the World)

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I’ve been talking about putting mixes together for a while.  Today, while I was working on some other tasks, I threw together a play list inspired by the rain and That’s the Way of the World (1975), a frustrating, but enjoyable film if you’re a fan of Earth Wind & Fire, Harvey Keitel, and diatribes against the music industry and commercial perversion of art.  My music collection is massive and only gets bigger, even as it gets trimmed, so I have no reason not to put more together besides sheer laziness.  Today’s didn’t take too long to put together and repetition increases efficiency.  When I get more time, I’ll start doing more than just throwing tracks together.  But with all the other things on my plate, it might be a bit before I’ll before I get too much into the audio.  Photography and video come first, but it is nice to take a music break.  Anyhow, you can check the mix out at:

Fall Rain (The Way Of The World) by Trapperkeeper on Mixcloud

  It is a funky, soulful mix with a touch of spaciness.  Enjoy, or don’t.

Swine Flu Madness (God Is Angry @ Baconnaise)

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Welcome to Swine Flu Pandemic 2009 sale event, which coincides with the going out of business everything must go sale.  And just in time for our last Mothers’ Day sale.  What does all that mean?  A smorgasbord of entertainment (clowns painting faces, celebrity dunk tank with Porky the Pig, carnival games that test your survival skills) and food (cotton candy, hot dogs, icees, dry rations) will be provided after you prove you’re not infected with the swine flu.  Once inside, you’ll find beds, fridges, microwaves, gas masks, duct tape, plastic sheeting and more.


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The Reality of Realpolitik & The Charade of American Democracy (Expensive Shit)

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I was reading some entries about life in Lagos, Nigeria, which was home to Fela Kuti.  It is only appropriate to present another one of Fela’s brilliant Afrobeat efforts, Expensive Shit (1975).  Plus, the G20 summit is going on.  Fela, a supporter of the poor, exploited, and oppressed, would have called out the anglo-saxon (yes, this includes Barack Obama since he represents the anglo-saxon elites that still essentially run this country) politicians’ attempts to continue to swindle the underclasses.  At least, Sarkozy called them out and demanded stringent regulations and actual enforcement.  Except for the suits, the picture above looks like it was taken at a summer camp.  Be sure to drink up for the ones who can’t afford it boys.  We both equally need it to hide from the painful reality that the high times aren’t sustainable economically or ecologically.


Expensive Shit is a response from Kuti to the harassment he and his followers faced from the  the military government of Nigeria.  “Expensive Shit” is about an incident in which the police planted a joint on Fela, who swallowed it.  The police held him to wait on the evidence to pass through his system; however, the analysis of his stool revealed no drugs.  Fela had worked with fellow inmates to accomplish this.  Fortunately free, the whole incident still cost him a lot of money, thus “Expensive Shit.”  The second song on the album, “Water Get No Enemy” is laid back and jazzy.

Track Listing:

1. Expensive Shit
2. Water Get No Enemy