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Grid Malfunction

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Man Meets Sky

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Consume (or the GDP will kill you, your family, and itself)

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Rarely, do I ever step into a big box store, but I did a little while ago.  Shockingly, skylights were inserted along with the traditional overhead lighting.  I am all for more natural lighting; however, in this case, I’m sure the decision had less to do with aesthetics and more to do with creating a more tolerable environment so that consumers will spend longer in the store and, thus, spend more money.  Still a nice touch.  I should have laid down on the floor to get a better picture.  If I happen to be in the store again, I will have no problem getting down for a better shot.  Caring less and less about others’ opinion of me, I continue to work towards liberation.  I’d write more but I am using words less and less as I rewire my brain to work more and more visually.  CONSUME!  You don’t want to hurt the market’s feelings now.

Cut Through

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Rock Lobby

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