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Brain-Freeze Immunity

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In life, there are some things, you have little control over.  This problem is presents in all human endeavors, whether it be a rainstorm on a hike or human transportation needs cluttering the visual landscape.  One way to overcome these issues is to, first, accept there are some things we have little control over and, then, move on to figuring out how to make the situation work best.  In regards to photography, sometimes the solution is to just walk away and try it again at a more favorable time.  For example, shooting under the mid-day sun is a total pain in the ass if you have no shade to work with.  With the sun directly overhead blasting UV rays, getting a workable picture is difficult to impossible, if you lack a proper UV light filter.  Even then, you still lack the warm and engaging light of dawn and dusk.

Other problems, such as waiting for a bus while a warm, vibrant sunset is painting the sky can be worked around by viewing the intrusions not as clutter but as .  Living in an urban environment, even one as park-friendly and lushly green and gardened Seattle, makes escaping the sights, smells, and sounds of human ingenuity impossible.  Humming electricity may not be my preferred sound of choice, but without electricity I wouldn’t have a computer capable of providing me with audio and video stimulation while editing photos taken with my battery-powered digital camera.  Our desire for electricity, as well as communication, has also given us a landscape full of towers, poles, and wires.  Sometimes these objects can ruin a potential picture, but with patience and persistence it is possible to find perspectives where the previously eyesores are transformed into key elements of the picture.  Or you can just use photoshop to magically make them disappear.  I’ve used both approaches.

Other times, like in the one above where the intrusions certainly aren’t adding anything visually to the picture, I’ll keep the objects since they present a truer picture.  When I was working on the picture, I had to deal with all the optical information.  Obviously, I could successfully eliminate, at least, a decent amount of the evidence of human transit.  But it’s not as if the power of the sunset is any less because of the presence of cars, traffic lights, and other human generated infrastructure.  Unaware and unconcerned with the temporary illusions of the animal population below, Sol, our life giver, is part of Earth’s daily pattern until it becomes a white dwarf and burns out.  Death is inescapable as our the patterns that make up our limited existence.  As animals, we must drink, eat, and sleep, among other things.  Leaving the photo essentially untouched is a reminder that I simultaneously exist in a man-made material world constructed around our programmed genetic patterns, things I can only do so much about, and as a free metaphysical entity capable of exploring as far and wide as I feel comfortable.  Like creationism and evolution, free will and destiny exist concurrently, as opposite ends of the same spectrum but, by no means, isolated from interaction.

On the below one, removing the whole male wasn’t working so well; moreover, replacing him didn’t produce a more engaging picture.  Having eliminated his head first, due to it’s convenient placement in front of the white background of the shop, I decided after several attempts to remove the whole body to leave the body without the head.  Anyone closely looking at the picture will notice the visual discrepancy.  Anyone who’s not may still notice due to the brain’s inherent pattern seeking nature noticing something off.  Or it could just fill in a head.  I have yet to read about the brain’s processing of optical stimulation; however, I am paying off my library fine this week so I can get to work devouring books.  This past week I finished a great book on silence (, which obviously discussed human aural abilities.  The author also has a blog ( Reading how deaf individuals see differently has got me thinking about trying some sensory deprivation experiments.

And just as there are those who have better abilities to see or hear, there are those who have superior abilities to feel.  Benny, as you can tell by his rock stacking abilities, is one of those individuals.

Zombie Sighting

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My friend has been on a huge zombie and photography kick lately, so we’ve been out shooting a good amount.  Here are a few shots from Devil’s Night and Halloween.

Even Zombies Need a Night Out

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On Saturday, September 26th, Blaine and myself went out to the zombie film festival.  It was my second year in a row and Blaine’s first.  Zombies are into more things than eating human flesh.  For example, we love watching depictions of ourselves and discussing film, music, and politics.  Zombies don’t enjoy drinking.  Instead, we eat the livers of alcoholics and the flesh of the currently inebriated.  All we really ask for is the right to pursue prosperity and happiness, so keep on eating America.  The fatter you are, the more flesh there is for us to eat.

Ape Man Trodding Through Creation (Large Melons, Doo Dah!)

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This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend all three Tiger-Mariner games.  The Tigers’ stellar pitching, besides Verlander’s horrible 5th inning, and small ball carried them to two victories.  Friday, I went with a friend, who had the brilliant observation that Polanco’s large melon would be a salivating sight for a zombie.  Carlos Guillen played left field very poorly.  He also didn’t deliver very much at the plate that night, or any of the games for that matter.  Being back in the ballpark was a nice feeling.  I love hearing the murmur of the many conversations.

Saturday, I had a real fun time with my friend Blaine.  Sitting in the bleachers, the chance for hilarious drunks was higher than the seats on Friday night.  The crowd still seemed fairly sober, which I guess is a good thing, but when I go to a game part of the fun is drinking and watching intoxed individuals.  Working at Copa could get tedious, but the drunks were usually enough to keep things entertaining whether they were being kicked out angrily or just getting down.  Everything still seems to pale in comparison to the legendary drunkeness of old Tiger Stadium for which I was born too young.  Anyhow, there were two entertaining/annoying women in our section.  One woman, who I never got a look at, made a “laa la la la la la la” noise many times.  Often, her efforts were punctuated with a “Hurricane!” from this woman right above my friend and I.

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Return of the Living Dead II (Whose Got My Glove?)

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don't yank my finger

Trust me, I don't bite

Return of the Living Dead was a really solid zombie film.  Its’ combination of humor, homage and horror made it one of the best zombie films from the 1980s.  Unfortunately, Return of the Living Dead 2 lacks the punk rock spirit, comedy, and tension of the original.  It tries to be funny with cheesy antics, including a “Thriller” spoof that comes off as really lame.  Worse is the run of the mill story and flaccid atmosphere.  The CGI is laughably dated now, but the cartoonish gore of the original is present.  The ending is actually entertaining and enjoyable, at least compared to the rest of the movie.

I have no idea how long this movie really felt since I watched a solid amount of it on fast forward.  Without a zombie partner in crime, many zombie works, which are already dull with a compatriot, become unbearable without one.  Especially zombie films of the 1980s, a period of time not kind to many film genres.  Excessive, over the top cheese wasn’t just a music thing.  There was some good art made in the 1980s, but the zeitgeist of the decade ultimately wasn’t kind to some of the arts.

One reason I employed the time warp, was the repetitiveness of scenes.  Going into it I already knew what I was going to get; lots of gags, cartoonish gore, and cheese.  Lots and lots of cheese.  It is from the ’80s.   Zombie films generally mix two of these three horror, comedy, and action.   Return of the Living Dead 2 is a action-comedy blend, albeit one of mediocre comedy and uninspired action.  There are some funny moments and good makeup and gore effects.  Talking zombies, especially talking severed heads, provide sublime moments that straddle the line between ridiculously bad/good.

One problem I have with movies like Return of the Living Dead 2, and all of its’ sequels is the lack of depth.  As I stated before, the first Return of the Living Dead was a clever, funny zombie romp.  By the sequel, the series was already unoriginal.  Still, I enjoy watching movies like Return of the Living Dead 2, but the crude cinematography, flimsy story, and all around brainlessness highly limit the aesthetic potential.  Shaun of the Dead was filled with a lot of gags, but the gags weren’t a replacement for a story.  The gags supported the story.  Brainstorming some gags and filling in a story around them isn’t very difficult nor artful.  If there was an element of satire to Return of the Living Dead 2, it could have gotten away with some of the bits, but satire was tossed out the door for the easy and obvious.

As I watch films I am always observing with an eye for potential shots.  The only shot I remember catching my eye is near when you see ongoing action from the passenger side mirror.  One thing I will take from Return of the Living Dead 2 is to never attempt to spoof Thriller.  Although, I did enjoy the electrocution dance the MJ zombie did.


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Night of the Living Dub

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The other day I was watching Return of the Living Dead 2 while thinking about my zombie song.  Inspiration for a title struck, Night of the Living Dub.  Checking google for the popularity of that phrase, I wasn’t shocked to discover it has been used before.  It seems others have tapped the same vein of the collective culture, but I will not be dissuaded from using it for it was still an “original” thought spawned by my love of dub and zombies.  There are still a few elements I am attempting to incorporate, but I worked on this for a while the past few days honing the sound and felt like sharing it.  Again it is long, but the songs I have made have so far been in the late night, mellow headphone listening spirit.  Essentially, it functions as nice background music.  I apologize for the jarring organ intro, it is going to be a solid amount of work to take out for a part so small, so I ignored it for the meantime and will clean it up when I do a second mix, which will be significantly shorter.

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Bread and Circuses? Sorry, I just want tax cuts

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I have been working a Pistons’ post, so this post will be short.  Plus, the weather has been too nice to be in front of the computer all day.  Os Mutantes was a Brazilian psychedelic rock band first formed in 1965.  This album, self-titled, released in 1968 was Os Mutantes recording debut.  Enjoy.

Q: How do you destroy a zombie bank?

A: You must destroy the brain

Dead & Deader (How much did my brain regress?)

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The gore is pretty weak from the beginning. Head shots result in no head explosions. Cheesy lines are uttered way too frequently. Instantly, you are laughing at the move and not with the movie. Not a good sign, but we will see how the rest of it goes. Somehow scorpions are involved. Oh yeah, and the U.S. military and bio-engineering chicanery. The credits are pointless, melodramatic. I realize credits happen at the beginning of the film, but isn’t there a better way to incorporate them into the story.


Dead and Deader is a true zombie movie, the men do die and come back to life. Dean Cain gets a leading role, and delivers on the potential of the role. The zombies can sometimes talk, have super strength and punishment levels. Eddie Griffin plays the military cook. Cain goes from dead to the walking dead to delivering orders and offering advice, such as “whatever you do, don’t let it bite you” in minutes. Yes, that is right 1990s Superman battles the walking dead while being .  Talk about a self loathing zombie, although he has some attractive opposite sex attention.  Even zombies have needs.  Plus, someone has to be the hero.

Anyways, Zombies barge in and create some chaos.  Zombies are dispatched via fan, meat grinder, and a wicked hatchet throw by the dead Cain who develops a strong urge for red meat. After a quick gorge, his red, demonic eyes fade and he is a rational being again. He is like a zombie Blade. This movie asks you to check logic at the door and indulge in fairly mediocre gore and Dean Cain’s handsome skeletal structure and superb acting abilities.


Court martialed a long with the cook, they are being escorted into lockup, where Cain goes berserk, freeing them. The white guy-black guy buddy movie territory is entered. Wariness sets in, too many genres and cliches are being tossed about.

Zombies have escaped from the military truck escorting them to a facility. Cain and cook are following behind. Apparently, the infected have incredible hearing. After finding the carnage, they stop off at a local dive bar. Of course, Cain has a craving for red meat, but before that can happen the tables are turned. Cain and cook have been found out due to . Obviously, everybody at the hick bar is armed with some sort of firearm. Unfortunately, they are of little use when zombies come a-knockin’. Necks are feasted upon while Cain and the cook are locked in the freezer. One ruffian gets his groan bitten into.


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The Catch that Saved Pittsburgh

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Here are a few more pictures from Discovery Park from the other day. The Steelers’ victory in the Super Bowl inspired today’s album pick for must hear long play thursday, the soundtrack to The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh. During my youth, I lacked cable but still was treated to less than stellar movies on the “free” channels. One weekend afternoon, I was given the gift of The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh. A pretty hilarious movie, starring some NBA talent including Dr. J and Moses Malone, it takes me back to the day when shorts were shorter and professional hoops players were leaner and less tatted.


In other news, road signs around the nation continue to warn of zombies, and even a case of loose raptors. Surely, these are some of the forgotten plagues that troubled ancient Egypt.




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