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I Just Love My Country, and I Fear For It (Ignore the Neo-Cons & Liberals Behind the Curtain)

Posted in humor, Music, politics, reagan on April 1, 2009 by trapperKeeper


I didn’t expect the neo-cons to go away quietly. They are attempting to work with Obama, particularly in regards to Afghanistan.  Like Kwame Kilpatrick, they believe in their mission and their destiny.  Neo-cons aren’t even conservative, they’re just interventionists pretending to be conservative.  Sadly, the neo-cons were celebrating Obama’s policy because they agree with it.  Neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism have some beliefs in common, including American exceptionalism and the faith in capitalism and the “free” market.

Anyone expecting change from Obama better be staring the truth in the face.  We aren’t getting any real change.  Obama is a defender of the establishment.  Even if he weren’t, the Bush administration placed many loyalists in government positions that Obama would have to spend enormous amounts of energy and capital to fighting the bureaucracy to get reforms enacted and actually done.  As Rome burned, Nero fiddled.  As America burns, Obama assault the public with a PR display meant to portray him as an everyman to cover up the pillaging by Wall Street.

If the federal government of Wall Street isn’t careful, it is going to generate more than death threats or even bosses being held hostage like in France.  At least, the threats will create jobs.  The powerful elites are going to need to build bigger walls, maybe even moats, to protect themselves if they continue down the path they’re on.  Not everyone can be employed as a repo man and there is only so much garbage to pick through.  Down with the oligarchy!


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Ronald Reagan Bombs the U.S.S.R. (Extraterrestrials on Drugs)

Posted in humor, Music, politics, reagan on March 31, 2009 by trapperKeeper


As every sensible person knows Ronald Reagan was a prick.  He is loved by some and ignored by many, but make no mistake he was a total prick.  He was responsible for the murder of many innocent people, mostly poor, around the world, especially Latin America, and within the United States due to his military endeavors and his policies and actions responsible for the devastation of crack.  He oversaw a massive financial scandal, which was impressive until Wall Street’s most recent pillaging.  He was an enemy of the common man despite his ability to appeal to the common man.  People are easy to fool and Reagan was a natural spokesman for the neo-con movement.  Unfortunately, we are still suffering from his disciples.

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King Kwame’s Texts (Who Wants Wendy’s? I’m Buying)

Posted in Detroit, humor, politics on March 25, 2009 by trapperKeeper


After reading and taking notes on the first 170 pages of Kwame’s texts, I realized I have no current interest in spending time on Kwame’s texts.  Here are notes on the first 170 pages, which ranged from boring to dumbfounding to hilarious.  Kwame loves to write in capital letters.  At times I left his capital sentences.  Other times,  I typed them normally. Here are a few other things Kwame is fond of, in no particular order: women, sex, vacation, Wendy’s, using cheesy pop culture references to express of love.  Here are things he doesn’t like: rules, needling press, other men with his women, people with knowledge of his shenanigans, and possibly white people (at least the ones not part of his corrupt empire).  Before going onto the texts let me say one thing.  Detroit please don’t re-elect him mayor in the future.  You would think the stench off Kwame would be strong enough to end his political career, but he still has supporters, extreme confidence, and a sense of destiny/entitlement.

A text from Carlita, Kwame’s wife, on June 12, 2002 is of importance to government corruption watchdogs.  Kwame was notoriously corrupt and abused his power in many ways, including securing a vehicle for his wife using Detroit city funds.

6/12/02 Carlita Kilpatrick (Kwame’s wife): Any word on my Navigator?

The same day KK got this text from an unknown person, who appears to work for Ford based on their and I assume is female.  Unless Kwame had a side thing for men.  Her text (Ebony KK): “I left you a voice message. So nice to know you’re thinking about me,” elicited this response from Kwame: “Can’t get you out of my system! Don’t want to either. Have a wonderful day.”

Many of Kwame and Beatty texts are about their relationship, including the sexual side.  There are blacked out sections of the texts, at least the ones I have read so far.  Some of the blacked-out parts are people’s contact information.  Other sections may have been blacked out due to sexual explicitness.  Although, other sexual oriented texts are left untouched.  A brief warning, from this point on there will be explicit, sexual and otherwise, language.  And now back to the story.  For example.  This one from June 2002:


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Sexting (The Progress of Technology)

Posted in Detroit, humor, politics on March 14, 2009 by trapperKeeper


Sexting, or sex texting for those not down with the latest lingo, has swept across the country.  I even saw a Dr. Phil episode about it, which means it has went totally mainstream, which means there should be members of Congress busted over sexting soon enough.  Dr. Phil’s episode focused on teens and their sexting habits.  My friend made a insightful remark about how sexting is just the latest way for adults to be titillated by teenage sexuality.  They guard their talk in seriousness, and to be fair there is some degree of concern.  Still, much of the hoopla around is probably due to the erotic factor.

Obviously, sexting is a result of the technology breakthrough.  Before cell phones, sexting was impossible.  People had to rely on phone sex.  Before phone sex, there were erotic letters and perhaps erotic telegrams and morse code messages.  Bluetooth is just a revolutionary phase of phone sex, totally hands free without having to use the speaker phone function.  Who knows what the future of communicated sex? Perhaps, sex packets will free humanity.

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Breaking News: Sarah Palin Announces Presidential Run (Where’s the Comatril?)

Posted in humor, politics on February 23, 2009 by trapperKeeper


Sarah Palin announces 2012 presidential campaign and 2016 re-election campaign. How does Sarah have the foresight to know she will be running for re-election if 2016?  God told her.  Did God also tell her how to fix the economy, solve the energy problems and defeat terrorism?  You betcha!  But she won’t reveal them until after taking the presidency.

For those who can’t bear to stand the thought of another 4 years of a Democrat in the White House, you can hope for impeachment, tragedy, or you can take Comatril.  Comatril is the first drug on the market that lets you go Rip Van Winkle.  Tired of the present, but excited about the future.  Take Comatril.  Comatril comes in a variety of doses, from a daily to a yearly all the way up to a millennial.  Got a big test coming up?  Your kid a real pain in the butt?  Any reason will do.  Ask  your doctor about Comatril today.


Side effects may include: Loss of spouse/family/friends, loss of job, loss of memory, permanent muscular atrophy, headache, and diarrhea.

Bread and Circuses? Sorry, I just want tax cuts

Posted in humor, Music, politics, zombies on February 21, 2009 by trapperKeeper


I have been working a Pistons’ post, so this post will be short.  Plus, the weather has been too nice to be in front of the computer all day.  Os Mutantes was a Brazilian psychedelic rock band first formed in 1965.  This album, self-titled, released in 1968 was Os Mutantes recording debut.  Enjoy.

Q: How do you destroy a zombie bank?

A: You must destroy the brain

Watch Out for Quick Sand (Salty Air/Low Fare/Where’s the Captain’s Chair)

Posted in Music, Photos, politics on February 5, 2009 by trapperKeeper


In the near future, I need to get a 10 megapix plus slr camera to capture long shots and have acceptable resolution for larger prints.  Until then I will have to learn to work around my camera’s limitations.  Obama, where’s my bailout?  I can be bought off for a lot cheaper than the banks, automobile industry, porn industry, etc.  I can guarantee it will go directly into the economy.  Perhaps, you could even throw in enough for a digital video camera as well.  Plus, I will be busy with my new camera(s) that you wouldn’t have to worry about me contemplating ways to bring down the oligarchy we live under.  I can probably be bought off for that cheap.  At least, I could be right now.  If debt is being put on my back then I want something to show for the burden.

Anyways, here are some raw pictures from a gorgeous late afternoon yesterday at Discovery Park.  There is an excellent view of the mountains down at the water on clear days.  The tide was way out.  I wish Discovery were closer to my house.  The Arboretum is nice, but Discovery’s view is far superior.

librarian stella

Wednesday passed without an easy listening post, so here it what I would have posted.  Since a sleeping cat is often near my side, Quincy Jones’ Quincy Plays For Pussycats is appropriate. Released in 1965, it is an early document of the jazzy sound Quincy was cultivating.  Quincy is solid and all, but he isn’t funky enough for me.  He swings, but he generally doesn’t swang.  His stuff just tends to be too soft for extended listening.  But he created some strong grooves, and has a lot of stuff worth listening to.


Here is the track listing:

Blues For Trumpet & Koto
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
What’s New Pussycat?
Gentle Rain
Blues In The Night
After Hours
A Walk In The Black Forest
Non-Stop To Brazil
The Hucklebuck
Soul Bossa Nova
The “In” Crowd




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