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New Year Sunset

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Why is that Mushroom Staring at Me?

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After working on a few photos for Carley, the Photoshop bug bit for a quick minute.  Here are some new fractals and enhanced photos.

Mood Music for the Moon (I Dream of Electrofried Sheep)

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Here are some artistically polished photographs from a recent day out at Bainbridge Island.  In addition to the photos, I have included some music.  Instead of being the music of another, I present music I recorded.  Granted, it is very rough right now.  Not only does there have to be EQing and effects, but I need to compose some longer guitar and horn lines.  I would like to throw in some harpischord and cuca as well.  A rough draft is a start.  This is my first draft of my first song, and my first time really using ableton, so be harsh I can take it.