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Back in the Day (Not a Kid Anymore)

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but some days i sit and wish i was kid again

206 Hip Hop (Waves of the Mind)

Posted in Hip Hop, Photos with tags on August 5, 2010 by trapperKeeper

A little while back, I got out for a friend’s hip hop show to shoot some pictures.  I’m not going to use space posting them here, but you can find them on flickr ( and all my other photos.

My Fieldtrip to Justin Warfield’s Mind

Posted in Hip Hop, Music on April 16, 2009 by trapperKeeper


After getting a usable, but fairly cheap desktop almost a year ago I appallingly have yet to do much upgrading to it.  Limited by 512 MB of RAM, which means periods of glacial speed due to my tendency to be running too many programs at once or because of certain programs heavy requirements, I have been getting increasingly annoyed with sitting and waiting for the computer to come too.  Having just ordered a RAM upgrade, my time spent staring at a screen should be much more lovely than before within a week.  Hopefully, I will not be slowed by computer as much as in the past.


This kind of activity,, is not rare from my limited knowledge of the subject of other countries adapting American sitcoms.  American networks have certainly reached out over the oceans for inspiration.  I have recently seen a Russian version of “Married… with Children” on Wholphin: Volume 4.


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