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Ape Man Trodding Through Creation (Large Melons, Doo Dah!)

Posted in Art, Detroit Tigers, Dub, zombies on April 22, 2009 by trapperKeeper


This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend all three Tiger-Mariner games.  The Tigers’ stellar pitching, besides Verlander’s horrible 5th inning, and small ball carried them to two victories.  Friday, I went with a friend, who had the brilliant observation that Polanco’s large melon would be a salivating sight for a zombie.  Carlos Guillen played left field very poorly.  He also didn’t deliver very much at the plate that night, or any of the games for that matter.  Being back in the ballpark was a nice feeling.  I love hearing the murmur of the many conversations.

Saturday, I had a real fun time with my friend Blaine.  Sitting in the bleachers, the chance for hilarious drunks was higher than the seats on Friday night.  The crowd still seemed fairly sober, which I guess is a good thing, but when I go to a game part of the fun is drinking and watching intoxed individuals.  Working at Copa could get tedious, but the drunks were usually enough to keep things entertaining whether they were being kicked out angrily or just getting down.  Everything still seems to pale in comparison to the legendary drunkeness of old Tiger Stadium for which I was born too young.  Anyhow, there were two entertaining/annoying women in our section.  One woman, who I never got a look at, made a “laa la la la la la la” noise many times.  Often, her efforts were punctuated with a “Hurricane!” from this woman right above my friend and I.

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Jamaican E.T. Phone Home

Posted in Dub, Music on April 5, 2009 by trapperKeeper

It is a gorgeous, sunny, even hot, day in Seattle.  Thinking of a 63 degree day as hot is strange, but after the weather we’ve been having it feels very warm.  Naturally, I am sitting in front of a computer screen.  With such fine weather, it is time to bust out some fine dub so here is Lee Perry & the Upsetters Return of the Wax (1975).


Track Listing

1. “Last Blood”
2. “Deathly Hands”
3. “Kung Fu Warrior”
4. “Dragon Slayer”
5. “Judgement Day”
6. “One Armed Boxes”
7. “Big Boss”
8. “Fists of Vengeance”
9. “Samurai Swordsman”
10. “Final Weapon”