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The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Posted in Brazil, Music on May 6, 2009 by trapperKeeper

Today is a one of the bleakest humpdays of my life.  Not really for any personal reasons, although the employment waiting game is getting very wearisome.  I thought a college degree and Americorp were supposed to help.  I wasn’t actually naive enough to believe that it would be the key to the door of opportunity like so many people say.  Often, I feel those experiences harm my chances when applying for many jobs, mainly food and administrative assistant positions.  The employer feels you will only stick around until something better comes along, so why waste resources bringing in person and training them.  Instead, the employer hires someone else instead.

No, most of the bleakness comes from the weather outside.  Here is what I’m dealing with today.  Come on May, this is bush league April weather.  Obama, I need a weather bailout.  I guess it is time to battle the rain drops and chilly air for a chicken walk to the store.


Today, I have more fine Brazilian music I found in some obscure corner of the internet.  Banda Black Rio’s Gafieira Universal is a collection of their material.


Banda Black Rio: “GAFIEIRA UNIVERSAL” 1978

1   Chega mais (Imaginei você dançando)  (Luiz Carlos Batera – Valdecir Nei)
2   Vidigal (Valdecir Nei – Oberdan)
3   Gafieira Universal (Barrosinho – Cláudio Steverson)
4   Tico-tico no fubá (Zequinha de Abreu)
5   Ibeijada  (Barrosinho – Cláudio Stevenson)
6   Rio de fevereiro  (Oberdan Magalhães – Hélio Matheus)
7   Dança do dia (Jorjão – Barrosinho)
8   Samboreando  (Luiz Carlos Batera – Oberdan Magalhães)
9   Cravo e canela  (Milton Nascimento – Ronaldo Bastos)
10  Expresso Madureira (Jorjão – Cláudio Stevenson)

Valdecir Nei: Baixo e cuica
Jorjao: Fender, mini-moog, clavinete, orgao Hammond, Oberheim e vocal
Oberdan Magalhaes: Sax Tenor e flauta
Barrosinho: Trumpet
Lucio: Trombone Baixo
Luiz Carlos Batera: Bateria, percusao e vocal
Claudia Stevenson: Guitarras
Bebeto: Percussao
Carlinhos “Pandeiro de Ouro”: Pandeiro e cuica em “Tico Tico no Furba”
e Pandeiro em “Gafieira Universal”
Cristina Berio: Xilofone em “Gafieira Universal”