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Railroad Tracks & Walking Paths (Step away from my mouth Nazi)

Posted in Art, life, Photos with tags , , , on January 16, 2010 by trapperKeeper

Last week, I had a teeth cleaning up in Ballard.  Not the most exciting activity in the world, unless you happen to get a Nazi dentist intent on killing you, but getting a cleaning felt great.

My teeth still feel bony smooth.  Anyhow, the weather was cooperative that day and it stopped raining for my early afternoon journey.  Instead of waiting almost an hour for a bus to catch another bus, I took advantage of these things we call legs.  Ask your doctor if getting off your ass might be right for you as well.  Here are some photos from the day.  Slowly, I am starting to expand upon my style.  At times, the struggle gets frustrating, but without struggle there isn’t growth.  Without growth, there is atrophy.  Without atrophy, there is no death.  Without death, what do we have to live for?

Alright, enough playing around.  Here are the photos.


Fractal Geometry (Right Wing Insanity)

Posted in Art, life, Photos on November 20, 2009 by trapperKeeper

I’ve always enjoyed looking for patterns.  As I’ve become older, I’ve become aware of the thin line between genius and insanity and how pattern seeking is a trait of schizophrenia.  Yet if you think about it the way most Americans live, you quickly realize how mentally disturbed and deranged many of the humans living in this quickly deteriorating country are.  The teabaggers, birthers, born-agains, and Obama worshippers are only a portion of them.  Many still believe we can return to the standard of living seen by the previous generations.

People are ignoring the reaility that not only can the earth not sustain a whole range of international citizens wanting to live like we live, but it won’t even sustain us living the way we have lived.  Rightfully so, we have toxified our environment, food, and bodies in the name of cheap food.  Well you are what you eat.  There is a reason so many people in this country suffer from weight problems, diabetes, and many other illnesses.  In addition to being bombarded by all kinds of electromagnetic waves and all the pollution in our air and water, many people stuff their bodies with nutritionally dead calories due to poverty, laziness, and addiction.  Yes, food is addictive, especially chemically engineered food.  It is designed to attack the pleasure centers of the brain to get you high and hooked while also being horrible for your physical and mental health.

Anyhow, it is late and I have some things to do tomorrow.  Last night, I enjoyed a killer documentary on fractals.  You can watch it on the interwebs at  After watching it, I think I’m going to check out a book about fractal geometry.  The footage also gave me some inspiration for photography.  I’ve been working with fractals for a while now, but hadn’t done any research into the concept.  Like Benoît B. Mandelbrot, author of The Fractal Geometry of Nature, I noticed patterns in the structures of nature.  Here are two new ones.  My job interfered with work today.

Pho & Photos

Posted in Art, life, Photos on November 19, 2009 by trapperKeeper

Today was a wonderful day despite the fact the sun departed after a morning pop-in leaving behind a drizzly, gray day.  Checking out the Volunteer Park Greenhouse, Frye Art Museum.  Frye is always free and often has good special exhibits.  Last year, they hosted a killer Robert Crumb exhibit.  Right now and through January 3rd, Frye has Open Roads and Bedside Tables: American Modernism (, which is also excellent.  Engaging and humorous, I enjoyed it enough to possibly check it out again.  With a chill in the air, it was perfect weather for hot, delicious, nutritious Pho (  Plus, I had enjoyable company to share the afternoon with.

I worked on my macro skills today in the greenhouse and came out with a few worthy shots.  I haven’t messed around with anyone of the pictures yet.  The backlog is getting larger and larger.  At times, my ocd slips from beneficial to a hinderance in regards to playing with the lighting and color levels.  Yet, I pushed ahead and got some work done.  Here are two images from today.  I am readying a few images for some photo contests and touching up some old photos that I feel would benefit from my improved skills.  Plus, I even got some good work done in ableton today and made a nice dinner with my friend.  It is nice to get back into the groove.

I leave you with one last photo.  I wasn’t entirely happy with the job I did on the original version of this.  I did a crop job and some altering to the area bothering me.  It’s not entirely done, but it is more pleasing to me at least.  And while I like sharing and selling my work, I still do it first and foremost for my pleasure.  I’m also driven crazy by the problems I find in many of my pictures.  Thankfully, my composition is improving as I become more thoughtful of what I’m doing, which is due to all the photography reading I’ve been engaging in.

The almost original.  Before cropping and morphing the white space, I cleaned up the overexposed area by covering up pixelation problems.

Striking Out

Posted in Art, life, Photos on November 17, 2009 by trapperKeeper

Here are my most recent works.  I’ve been busy uploading images onto Flickr.  Just follow the link:  At this point, I will still post the images on the blog (and facebook), even though it seems stupid to separately post them when I could just do it all through Flickr.  I figure more people will see them if I continue to post them on facebook.  Flickr has a nice sense of community.  Plus, I’ll be able to better organize my work, which should make it easy for others to browse my work.

Today, I received money for the first three prints I sold, which paid me more than working an eight-hour shift at my low-paying job.  Having yet to get a substantial job that pays over $10/hr in my life, I am glad I discovered creative passions a few years back.  At this point, I have no interest whatsoever in going into social work, library science, or history.  I want to shoot pictures and video, write, play music.  I have good ears and keen eyes and no other enticing prospects, so an attempt to employ myself through art is worth the attempt.  Hopefully at some point I will be in a place where I will be able to provide creative opportunities to youth and do some mentoring.  I still have a strong desire to work with people, especially at risk youth, but through my own terms.  My experiences working with youth so far have left me with a strong dislike for the bureaucracy, politics, and policies involved when one works with government-supported agencies.

So if anyone feels like supporting me on my quest, you can always help out by buying a print or three.  The art prints have looked great at 16X20 and could potentially go larger.  Any photo as of now can only be enlarged to 11×14, although there are some that could work at 16×20.  I need to upgrade my camera to be able to do more.  My current one can’t even shoot in RAW format, which means I can’t submit photos to some stock photo agencies.  I’ve been doing research into different cameras and lenses and hope to have an improved setup by Christmas.  Your support only hastens the improvement.  Lastly, I even have a local printer to pass along some of the money to if you’re the type of person who likes to know where the money flows.

I feel like philosophizing some more, but will save it up for now since a Piston’s game is calling my name.  I’ve gotten through three Philip K. Dick books, a collection of Ansel Adams color prints with some of his writings about photography, and a good amount of an excellent photography book in the past ten days.  So I’ve had a lot of new ideas to feed upon.  I’ve been working on a story, but want to write about photography as well.  Anyhow, here are the images.

Funk Is Its’ Own Reward

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I’ve been thinking about what to do with the blog besides post my visual work and the weekly PFunk post.  Currently, I have no desire to write multiple days a week about records.  I’ve been busy working on my own music and just don’t have anymore mental energy to expend on music.  A while back I started writing a philosophy of funk, but the idea got pushed aside for a variety of reasons.  However, the other night an idea struck concerning the mix of philosophy and funk.  Influenced by the format of The Book of Tao, I’ve decided to lay down the way of the Funk.  I’m still not sure exactly what it will entail besides a short, funk-based quotation and a short illumination on the concept within the quote.  Time will be needed for research and development, but I hope to have the feature up and running soon.  I can always start out mining the rich vein of the PFunk empire.

I’ve also gotten back on the zombies a bit.  Getting out to the zombie film fest helped spark the fire.  My friend’s desire to take a bunch of zombie photographs also helps.  During the long, kinda rainy fall/winter, I would like to spend some time getting through hordes of unwatched movies and writing some words about the flesh eaters.  I feel these are sustainable goals for the blog.  My idea to post and write about a bunch of different music each week was just not feasible.  By keeping it simple and close to the heart (funk, photos, zombies), I can make it work and not cut into my other interests too much.  Check back soon.

Death to Wall Street & the Health Insurance Industry

Posted in life, politics on October 15, 2009 by trapperKeeper

Christ-Driving-the-Money-Changers-Out-of-Temple-Giclee-Print-C12020040After crashing the economy through shady schemes and getting bailed out because they control our government, the bankers are still at it even worse than before.  There have been no significant reforms.


Nor do I expect there to be any, which will result in another collapse of the financial markets as the shit bubbles burst again.  Like last time, the bankers will ask for a bailout and then hold the economy hostage again until they get it.  However, this time I think the anger will be broader and more active.  When there is another collapse and if there is another bailout, I even see myself being pushed into violent actions against banks.  There is only one action left when the proper channels of change are followed, but nothing is done about the problem (banks, health care, energy) even when the people want it.  Get ready because that time may be coming very soon.  If you expect the corporations to voluntary step out of the positions of power they have bought themselves, you better think again.  You better be careful how you vote Congress or the righteous anger may also be directed at you.

On a last, more positive note, there are at least two congressmen I do trust, Alex Grayson  (D-Fla) and Ron Paul (R-Tex).  If they were in charge, I’d feel comfortable about the direction the government of the United States is heading.  Until then, I am a man without a government.

Gentlemen, you may start your electribes

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I have been practicing my machines a good amount, especially yesterday.  Also, I finally figured out why some of the audio signals weren’t being sent properly to the kaoss pad.  Please bear in  mind, these are early experiments w/ the machines.  I am still more comfortable playing my friend’s box than my own, but soon enough my SX will be loaded with my samples and patterns.  Still, here are some ideas of what the Korg gear can do.  I hope to have some tighter jams soon.