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Smile @ randomness

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Piercing Rays/Fractured Light

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Working towards master status requires a lot of hard work.  Seeing as how I got into the game late, there should be a greater urgency to my pace; however, melancholy can make getting down to business difficult especially when too invested in the downward spiral of humanity.  George Carlin had to remind me to just be a spectator, to laugh at the hypocrisy and stupidity, and to, ultimately, detach myself from the outcome.  After all, life is just one big play.  Though I’m not suggesting life is meaningless.  Play is a serious thing.  Little kids are a good reminder of that fact.  Learning is hard, if not impossible, if you never play.

However, you don’t have to play by the rules of the elites’ ruling institutions.  They bend and break the rules whenever they feel like it.  There are laws greater than their creations.  They aren’t the ultimate controllers of the game.  We came from outer space and to outer space we will once again return, just as our physical forms come from mother earth and return back to her when exhausted.  All the little cycles are parts of the larger cosmic cycle.  From ashes to ashes, to (star)dust to (star)dust, we’re all just actors, but it’s still good to give a fuck.  Even if you don’t really feel like helping humanity out through community involvement, at least practice the Hippocratic concept of “do no harm.”

Reading, Writing, & Arithmetic (Eat Your Greens)

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There will be more significant posts soon.  I’ve been a bit busy, but after work tomorrow plan on actually sitting down and working.  I got out tonight and got some pictures, as well as last night.  Needing a walk to the grocery store, I brought along my camera and got some good shots for my alphabets and numbers series, which is inspired from my love of words and my experiences as a literacy tutor.  Numbers are included because it is the three r’s, not two.  The image above was the result of some messing around with technique and filters.  The below is of Stella cat from earlier today.  Make sure to eat your greens to ensure good digestive health.

For real, a salad a day and cutting out processed foods will make you feel so much better.  I’m attempting to go more raw when it comes to eating.  Raw milk begins next week.  If you know and trust the source, I recommend moving your business to small, local farmers, even if they might not be certified organic, a status which requires a lot of money to attain.  I can’t believe the way I used to eat and am glad I’ve changed course as a younger man.  Now I should be able to maintain my youthful appearance and slim physique for as long as I keep living healthy.

The Big O

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Cherry Blossoms & Spring Songs

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I am working on another post, but here is a little something so you know Stella and I are alive and Seattle is experiencing spring in winter.

Multi-tasking & Creative Processes

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Above is an improved kaleidoscope piece.  Below is a collage made from photos from my trip to Portland.  Also, some links to one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever witnessed, “Let’s Paint, Exercise, fill in the blank(s).”  While absurd, the program still projects a positive message centered around creativity, multi-tasking, civility, not being afraid to fail, patience when dealing with jackasses, and getting out there and tackling life.  I had an enjoyable weekend hanging out with friends, fine-tuning the computer, taking a few walks, and watching the spectacle that is “Let’s Paint, Exercise,…”

I’m looking forward to the new month, a month of creativity, especially in regards to music.  I’ve taken a long enough break.  As John says, “Don’t be afraid to tackle that project…don’t be afraid, just do it.”

Some of the tasks won’t be so fun, but they are necessary.  Plus, they can, surprisingly, turn out to be fun.  For example, I’m reading a book on music law, which touches upon some of the same issues surrounding image law, that has been pleasant and informative page-turning experience. Get out there and do it!

Chasing Computer Mice

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Stella loves the hum of the computer.  Along with her box, the computer is her other favorite spot to chill.  Perhaps someday the two powers will be united forming the ultimate resting place. Here are some other furry cats I met when I went to West Seattle to watch some playoff football.