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I only had a chance to spend a little time in Detroit when I went back to Michigan to link up with family.  Stopping at the grounds of old Tiger Stadium, I was saddened to see that only a flag pole and the decaying field remain.  A place that once brought me great joy despite the fact the Tigers were a terrible franchise through the 1990s is now a vacant lot surrounded by a fence.  At least, I have the memories, of Cecil’s moon shot homer that landed on the roof and Mickey Tettleton’s batting stance, meeting Ernie Harwell and the long, old-school pee troughs.  In the big picture, Tiger Stadium was just another crumbling building with a rich legacy, only one among many in a city prosperity has forgotten.  This past weekend, I actually felt like I was back in Detroit for a few hours while attending some music in an outdoor park ensconced in the warmth only brick can bring.  That was about as funky as I’ve seen Seattle.  Detroit, I miss your architecture and funky spirit, but you’ll always have a place in my heart no matter where I may be.

Detroit Soul (Take Me Home)

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Moodymann is a dope techno/house producer from Detroit.  I have a live set of his from the 2007 DEMF that elevates the mind and soothes the soul on a chilly humpday.  Umar Bin Hassan of the Last Poets, who lets loose some deep thoughts on Axiom Funk’s Funkcronomicon, brings his blunt yet soulful perspective on the mic.

The set start off with a political vibe due to the use of Gil Scott Heron’s “We Almost Lost Detroit.”  Mixing some classic funk hits, including William DeVaughn’s “Be Thankful,” used by Ludacris among others, among some of his own tracks, he brings in one of the finest Brides of Funkenstein songs “Never Buy Texas From a Cowboy.”  Prince protege, Andre Cymone’s “The Dance Electric” follows before the set finished with the Strikers, a group I recently discovered a few weeks ago, soul disco classic “Body Music” complete with its’ thumping bassline.


Good Morning Sunshine

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The weather in Seattle recently has been brutal.  Cold and gray for most of the past few weeks, including some snow late last night, it finally has broken at least for a few days.  Any reprieve from the cruel  is extremely welcome.  The grooves of Carl Carlton’s 4 (1981) are apt to improve a mood regardless of weather, but 4 sounds exceptionally wonderful sustained sunlight.  Carl, a Detroit native, sounds like Stevie Wonder at times.  The whole record has a steppin’ vibe too it.  Many of the licks seemed familiar to me, but I can’t currently place them.  Look out for the addictive groove of “She’s a Bad Mama Jama (She’s Built, She’s Stacked).”  You can read more about Carl and the unique story behind his discovery at  I even kind of have my midi controller working.  Now if only an employer would get back to me.


Ooh, what rippling muscles

Track Listing:

1. Sexy Lady – Carl Carlton, McGloiry, Michael
2. Let Me Love You ‘Til the Morning Comes – Carl Carlton, Carlton, Carl
3. Don’t You Wanna Make Love – Carl Carlton, Lattimore, E.
4. This Feeling’s Rated X-Tra
5. She’s a Bad Mama Jama (She’s Built, She’s Stacked)
6. I’ve Got That Boogie Fever
7. I Think It’s Gonna Be Alright – Carl Carlton, McGloiry, Michael
8. Fighting in the Name of Love

King Kwame’s Texts (Who Wants Wendy’s? I’m Buying)

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After reading and taking notes on the first 170 pages of Kwame’s texts, I realized I have no current interest in spending time on Kwame’s texts.  Here are notes on the first 170 pages, which ranged from boring to dumbfounding to hilarious.  Kwame loves to write in capital letters.  At times I left his capital sentences.  Other times,  I typed them normally. Here are a few other things Kwame is fond of, in no particular order: women, sex, vacation, Wendy’s, using cheesy pop culture references to express of love.  Here are things he doesn’t like: rules, needling press, other men with his women, people with knowledge of his shenanigans, and possibly white people (at least the ones not part of his corrupt empire).  Before going onto the texts let me say one thing.  Detroit please don’t re-elect him mayor in the future.  You would think the stench off Kwame would be strong enough to end his political career, but he still has supporters, extreme confidence, and a sense of destiny/entitlement.

A text from Carlita, Kwame’s wife, on June 12, 2002 is of importance to government corruption watchdogs.  Kwame was notoriously corrupt and abused his power in many ways, including securing a vehicle for his wife using Detroit city funds.

6/12/02 Carlita Kilpatrick (Kwame’s wife): Any word on my Navigator?

The same day KK got this text from an unknown person, who appears to work for Ford based on their and I assume is female.  Unless Kwame had a side thing for men.  Her text (Ebony KK): “I left you a voice message. So nice to know you’re thinking about me,” elicited this response from Kwame: “Can’t get you out of my system! Don’t want to either. Have a wonderful day.”

Many of Kwame and Beatty texts are about their relationship, including the sexual side.  There are blacked out sections of the texts, at least the ones I have read so far.  Some of the blacked-out parts are people’s contact information.  Other sections may have been blacked out due to sexual explicitness.  Although, other sexual oriented texts are left untouched.  A brief warning, from this point on there will be explicit, sexual and otherwise, language.  And now back to the story.  For example.  This one from June 2002:


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Sexting (The Progress of Technology)

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Sexting, or sex texting for those not down with the latest lingo, has swept across the country.  I even saw a Dr. Phil episode about it, which means it has went totally mainstream, which means there should be members of Congress busted over sexting soon enough.  Dr. Phil’s episode focused on teens and their sexting habits.  My friend made a insightful remark about how sexting is just the latest way for adults to be titillated by teenage sexuality.  They guard their talk in seriousness, and to be fair there is some degree of concern.  Still, much of the hoopla around is probably due to the erotic factor.

Obviously, sexting is a result of the technology breakthrough.  Before cell phones, sexting was impossible.  People had to rely on phone sex.  Before phone sex, there were erotic letters and perhaps erotic telegrams and morse code messages.  Bluetooth is just a revolutionary phase of phone sex, totally hands free without having to use the speaker phone function.  Who knows what the future of communicated sex? Perhaps, sex packets will free humanity.

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Dreams of Cecil at Bat (Crack!)

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I was looking at the Detroit Tigers’ homegrown talent vs. Detroit Tigers’ acquired talent on  I have always enjoyed lists, particularly sports lists, and engaged in hypothetical all-time match-ups, often around my sports cards, while staring out the window of long vacation car rides.  Seeing Sully’s list, I misted up at the video of Mags’ home run. The Tigers were my first professional sports love, so their success was especially sweet that year after years after crappy mediocrity.  My parents actually had to miss the game in 1984 when the Tigers clinched the pennant due to my birth.  The Tigers are in my blood.


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Happy Parliafunkadelicment Thangday! Dance Sir Nose, Dance Sucka

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On the heels of the massive Piston post, I am going to take the easy way out today and post another live P-Funk performance.  Happy Parliafunkadelicment Thangday!  This one is also from 1978, and has a few of the same songs as the Atlanta set, but the groove was always a bit different each time.  Recorded allegedly on January 1st, some of the cuts are rough, but otherwise the recording is clean-sounding with quality encoding.

Opening with “Funkentelechy,” a jam that easily allowed for George to play it loose.  “Skeet” gets some love on this version.  Hitting jazzy, but fuzzy licks, Skeet dances all over.  Near the end GC addresses Skeet asking how his funk is.  “Skeet” funks back hard before Kidd Funkadelic comes screaming over the top.  The kick drum holds it all down.  This version of “Funkentelechy” is the heaviest I’ve heard.  The vocal part at the end is another new P-Funk element for me.

Introducing “Cosmic Slop” to a tremendous crowd roar from the adopted hometown crowd, shredding guitars make a memorable “Cosmic Slop.”  The horns are really low on the latter half of the song.  It could just be the recording, or could be intentionally mixed that way.  You can still hear the blasts clearly at the end though.

“Maggot Brain” was a staple of the P-Funk live set.  This version is different than other versions due to the hard-hitting drums and the organ during the intro.  It wouldn’t be “Maggot Brain” without wailing, gnashing guitars.  Cut short, it dramatically shifts to the end of the soloing on the start of the “Mothership Connection” track.

GC again asks the crowd to raise their hands on “Mothership Connection.”  Guitars are again emphasized as GC prompts them to double and triple it up.  The jam into “swing down” has some dirty lurching bass.  The “Mothership” to “swing down” transition is one of my favorites.  Horns blare, announcing the arrival of the Funk.

Maintaining the dirty bass “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” arrives in fine style.  Slowing it down before building it back up, the band hits a jazzy pocket and maintains.  Glen was gone, so Skeet takes the lead on calling down the Mothership.  The horns during GC’s part are a different arrangement than I’m used to.  This one is chopped before the peak hits and the Mothership drops.


Busting out the “Flash Light,” Sir Nose is once again defeated by the funk channeled through Bernie’s synthetic divining rod.  You can sense this one is one is going to get real dirty.  The vocals are energetic and strong, which they need to be to compete with the sonic chaos going on around it.  I wish I had video of this so I could watch Nose dance around on stage.

Here is the track listing.

Funkentelechy (16:31)
Cosmic Slop (7:35)
Maggot Brain (7:27)
Mothership Connection (8:15)
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (8:08)
Flash Light (10:50)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for rice dream?