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I’m Still Excited

Posted in Basketball, Photos, Pistons on December 16, 2009 by trapperKeeper

Cameras are real fun to play with when you have real lens and the best way to learn is to play.  I am still not over how exciting the idea of photography has gotten since getting the new camera.  I’m going to be taking some portrait’s soon, so I need to practice.  I’m getting used to using a lens with no zoom, which means every significant move forward or back means a focus adjustment.  Thus, a few shots that could have been composed better weren’t.  Good thing I have Stella around to refine my approach.  As I said before, it has only been days but I am still so excited.

Perhaps, the Pistons will put on a better showing tomorrow.  Joe D really messed up when he cut Chase Budinger, who gave another team the business including a fairly vicious oop.  The ugly Pistons were on full display tonight for long stretches, but offensive struggles shouldn’t be to surprising when Ben Wallace and Chucky Atkins are out on the floor together and surrounded by only players ranging from equally putrid (Kwame Brown) to marginally better (Maxiell, JJ, Summers).  Some of their misses tonight were hideous, including several airballs.  Ben had one of the worst free throw whiffs ever.  Superscrub Chris Wilcox got some playing time tonight with 3 rebounds, a block and usual high white socks.  Chris Paul must have had his matchup with Chucky Atkins, especially after unsuccessfully chasing Aaron Brooks tonight.  Clyde Drexler and Houston’s play by play tv guy take the award for biggest homers.  The refs had no impact on the blowout tonight, but would it kill them to give Rodney Stuckey some respect.  Only 4 foul shots for a guy constantly taking it to the hole is ludicrous.

Bynomite (Price Check on Maxipads)

Posted in Art, hoops, Music, Photos, Pistons on December 5, 2009 by trapperKeeper

I enjoyed a Piston victory, old friends’ company, and a slippery walk home.  After getting home,  I went through a few photos, played on the boxes for a little, and gave Stella some attention.  I’m feeling more and more comfortable on the boxes.  Slowly, I am getting there.  My soundcard isn’t performing terribly well, so I apologize for the sound being off.  This is only a jam, but one with ripe fruit for plucking.

The above image is from the great Detroit Pistons’ blog

Birdman x2 (#1 Stunnas)

Posted in Basketball, linguistics, Music, Rap on May 3, 2009 by trapperKeeper


Chris Anderson, aka the Birdman, is to jumping (blocks/dunks) as Eddie House is to 3’s.  Their specialized skill sets make effective, but limited, players if placed in the right situation.  How these two act on the court is just as important as their respective skills.  Exuding brash confidence, Birdman and House are electrifying players capable of whipping their team and crowd into a frenzy.  House brings break-dancing skills to add to the pregame antics.  Birdman brings crazy hair and a mysterious drug related two year NBA suspension.

Going to school in Detroit from 7th-12th grade, I was truly exposed to the world of hip hop.  2Pac, De La Soul, the Fugees, Outkast, Jay-Z, and Wu Tang were going strong.  Soon, the Fugees would be broken up, 2Pac and Biggie dead, and DMX and the Cash Money Millionaires dominating the airwaves.  Being young, I had a fun time listening to the Dirty South’s glamorized tales of indulgence.  Now, the music of Cash Money and No Limit, which I was never a big fan of anyways, sounds like trash celebrating hedonism and gross materialism and filled with vapid, vulgar lyricism.  Still, the collective had some hot beats, hilarious raps, and nice flows (Wayne had a magnetism even then and Juvenile’s voice was unique and hilarious).  Listening to the product of the Cash Money crew takes me back some years.

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Keepin’ Sweat Out Your Eyes! (The Uncle Cliffy Mix)

Posted in Basketball, Funk, Music, P-Funk on April 27, 2009 by trapperKeeper


In honor of my favorite headband player of all time, I present the Sweat Band’s Sweat Band on this sunny Happy Parliafunkadelicment Thangday.  Yesterday, I took in all four NBA playoff games, including the last two with a fellow hoop fiend.  It is always a joy discussing basketball with a fellow junkie.  It allows you to reminiscence over the more obscure players of the past and really talk the game.  Cliff Robinson was one of the masters of the head band from his first days in the league when headbands weren’t very popular.  A pioneer through and through, Cliff’s visionary ways weren’t just limited to style.  Granted I am a young, so my NBA historical scope is limited but I don’t remember hearing of many 6’10 players of past generations shooting 3s and avoiding rebounds.  Until Dirk surpassed him, Cliff had been the tallest player to hit over 1,000 three pointers.  So Cliff is responsible not only for the headband, but also the 6’10+ player standing on the perimeter bombing 3s.

According to this person (, the Trailblazers were the trailblazers (lame humor, I know) of the NBA when it came to headband style.  The historical legacy of the Trail Blazers to the headband goes even deeper than that.  Bill Walton during his days as a Blazer rocked a sweatband style garment.  Check out the above link, the dude give a nice rundown of current headband styles and their practitioners.  This NYT’s piece ( Cliff’s experience as an innovator and the headband trend.  And one more last NBA headband link (, which has some other styles.

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Fly High Birdman

Posted in Basketball, Music on April 25, 2009 by trapperKeeper


He kind of looks like Stephen Baldwin in the above picture due to the face he is making.

Fly as high as those tattoes will take you.


Dreams of Cecil at Bat (Crack!)

Posted in Basketball, Detroit, Detroit Tigers, Pistons on March 9, 2009 by trapperKeeper


I was looking at the Detroit Tigers’ homegrown talent vs. Detroit Tigers’ acquired talent on  I have always enjoyed lists, particularly sports lists, and engaged in hypothetical all-time match-ups, often around my sports cards, while staring out the window of long vacation car rides.  Seeing Sully’s list, I misted up at the video of Mags’ home run. The Tigers were my first professional sports love, so their success was especially sweet that year after years after crappy mediocrity.  My parents actually had to miss the game in 1984 when the Tigers clinched the pennant due to my birth.  The Tigers are in my blood.


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Rise to the Top: Exposing the F(l)akers & Being Thankful for the Human Victory Cigar

Posted in Basketball, Detroit, humor, life, Pistons on February 23, 2009 by trapperKeeper


As the Pistons’ season falls into further disarray there is no time better than the present to wax poetically about the past. As William DeVaughn sang, “just be thankful for what you got.” And there were plenty of moments from 2003-2004 to be appreciative for as Joe D realized the same level of success as a GM as he had as a player with a team built similarly to the original Bad Boys. Ferocious defensive intensity, a strong bench, good chemistry, and just enough scoring, made the faithful hopeful for a better chance to reach the finals.

Few had expected the Pistons’ to beat the Nets. A pattern runs through basketball history of champions failing before succeeding. The original Bad Boys had to battle and lose to the Celtics and Showtime Lakers. Jordan’s Bulls took lumps at the hands of the Bad Boys. Likewise, Detroit had to take some lumps before getting over the hump. Still, the way the Pistons lost to the Nets was disheartening. Having home court advantage, it was safe to count on the Pistons stretching the series to five or six games. As I stated previously, the Pistons’ weaknesses, specifically the lack of a small forward and explosive scoring, were exposed by the Nets. Tayshaun had gotten a few starts that series and looked like a potential solution to the small forward problem.  Would he also be the answer to the Pistons’ offensive woes?  Certainly, replacing Michael Curry with Prince would provide an immediate boost to the offense, but how much of one?

Fortunately, the Pistons were in a good position to address their roster issues, having two first round draft picks, including the second overall pick, thanks to Joe D’s skills. Carmelo Anthony was talked about for logical reasons. The Pistons needed to upgrade the SF position.  Even more, they needed a scorer for the moments the offense grew stagnant. Melo would have filled both roles while Prince could have still have gotten significant playing time.


However, Darko, aka “the human victory cigar” was in the draft. Some commentators and fans seem to forget that Darko was the consensus #2 pick. He was an athletic 7-footer, who could run like a deer, showed decent passing, shot blocking, and shooting ability. Certainly, he was raw at age 17, but the potential within his package was too much too pass up. He was projected as the second pick on every team’s draft board. In short, Darko fooled more than just Joe D and the Pistons with his bouncy gait, length and love of Europop.


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