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The Velveteen Touch of a Dandy Fop (Warm & Mandatory)

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Here are some new kaleidoscope images and a sketch comedy skit ( from a Mr. Show episode that inspired the post title.  Sadly, the concept behind the bit, “Coupon: The Movie” isn’t too far off modern times, where Americans have now been ordered to purchase a commodity from a private entity.  Yes, I am speaking of health care reform.  The federal government is mandating people purchase private insurance from companies, whose behavior during the last decade plus has been unethical and, in some cases, criminal.  Sadly, they will be further enriched by this pathetic excuse for health care reform .  Some don’t view me as a trusted source of reason due to my radical beliefs, many of which are only radical in a climate where corporations profiting off the wealth of the earth and the labor of others .  Enriching themselves while impoverishing others and destroying the earth.  Unfortunately, a side effect of poisoning your environment is eventually the environment poisons you.  There is no avoiding the toxins as hard as you try.  Having been pumped into our land and water, they find a home in our bodies through the water we must drink to the plants and animals we eat.  However, pollutants are only one source of containment.  The pills people take are flushed through their systems into the toilet and back into our water.  Filtering out all the parts is supposedly too costly to do.  Municipalities poison their citizens by adding fluoride ( and, more and more of which is being imported from China, from toxin scrubbers.  In other words, this fluoride is industrial grade quality material that contains toxins, including heavy metals, and it’s being added to the water supply.  Problems are starting to be noticed (, but these problems shouldn’t come as a shock because the chemicals used to fluoridate drinking water (fluorosilicic acid, sodium silicofluoride and sodium fluoride) are industrial waste products from the phosphate fertilizer industry.  Even worse, adding fluoride to the water supply doesn’t accomplish anything, at least in America.  Fluoride is effective as a topical agent, thus it is a component of toothpaste, much of which by the way is chemical crap that you are applying directly to your largest organ and your blood stream.  Fluoride can also be found in our food due to pesticide use.

Anyhow, that was a tangent, though I’ll have to admit a pretty well-written one.  Back to the initial topic of health care reform, which thankfully passed; a Republican political victory would have been disastrous.  Still, what was passed is a joke lacking truly radical, and needed changes.  Radical as defined as: Arising from or going to a root or source; basic.  Please don’t confuse the word radical by applying the modern day misinterpreted Fox News/Mainstream Media/Beltway Political Class way.  A radical to many of them is an individual who doesn’t think it’s correct for corporations to profit off the exploitation of the land and people or have the government aid them in their pillaging quest.  For example,  drinking raw milk, as I started doing recently (morning fruit/milk smoothies are a tasty way to start the day), could be viewed as a radical act.  It is certainly one that scares Big Milk, which doesn’t want to see its’ customers find out the truth about its’ product and risk having money jump ship.  In many states, it is illegal to buy raw milk and Big Agriculture has attempted in the past to get the federal government to declare raw milk illegal nationally.  But what do you expect when the same people running the regulatory agencies regularly jump back and forth between the private and public sector.  Obama appointed his fair share of corporate stooges.  Sadly, one of them, Michael Taylor a crony of Monsanto (, is in charge of food safety (  Watch out for your health and safety; it’s not a conspiracy theory the federal government cares more for corporate profit/gdp growth than it does for the health and wealth of the American people and the bountiful land, which we so charmingly stole from the Native Americans.  Just another great stop on the juxtaposition of American deeds versus American rhetoric.

Sorry, another tangent.  My brain jumps around quickly once the neurons are properly firing,  Parts becomes the whole, which defines the part.  Since, I come across as a bit unhinged, check out what the widely respected Bill Moyers had to say here ( and check out some video from his program here (  And with that, I will end it abruptly and with images.

Prometheus (Totalitarianism Blues)

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The Dutch-American Friendship Treaty ( is my long-term escape plan from the idiocracy  America has morphed into.  There may still be a chance for parts of this country to be successful again, but that chance decreases as progress is held back for more of the same and the citizenry becomes even more zombified.  I’ve been waiting, wanting, and watching the rotting federal government collapse.  I hope it comes soon because dramatic change is coming whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.  The old dinosaurs in the Senate need to die since they aren’t willing cede gerrymandered power.

The Republican and Democratic parties need to perish.  I’d argue the GOP is dead for all intents and purposes.  The lunatics on the right have become so deranged that they’ve scared away all but the quacks and bigots.  On the other side, the jackasses have caved in to this fringe right movement and the wealthy over and over.  Before Obama, they lacked gumption.  Now, with his naive emphasis on bipartisanship, the Democrats have become even better at letting the minority party control government proceedings.  I’ d said it before and I’ll say it again, Obama is a multi-cultural version of Ronald Reagan.  Hell, Reagan even gave more lip service to the idea that torture is reprehensible.

If the way the system is run doesn’t change drastically in the near future, I’ll have no problem saying goodbye to the oligarchy we live under.  A republic, at least the way America’s is run, is certainly a nicer form of totalitarianism than a fascist dictatorship, but it’s still totalitarianism.  Anyhow, here are some new works.

Winter Light (Not Too Bright)

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Some weekend fun interrupted the workflow a bit, but I am getting back into the swing of things.  Here are the latest creations.  I’ve been going through all my pictures and discarding ones not worth keeping to make photoshopping easier.  Although, I’ve spent more time on music the past few days than on photography.  Sometimes, a break is necessary.  Seattle has another sunny day with the usual nice winter lighting, but I’m not feeling overly inspired to get out and add to the editing pile nor shoot with the point and shoot.  A new camera should be finding it’s way into my hands soon, so I think I will exercise some patience.

I’ll leave you with a joke.  What did the zombie say when it saw Sarah Palin?  No Brains!

ha-ha-ha-HA-ha (Black Friday Spreads the Swine Flu)

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Happy Thanksgiving.  I had to work.  In fact, I almost had to stay for the overnight due to a series of unfortunate incidents.  Thankfully, I left at my normal time.  I’ve been making some progress on the Flickr task while also working on new stuff, working on music, and getting some reading about those subjects in.  I had some fun last night working on this Woody Woodpecker piece.  I didn’t watch much tv as a child, and still don’t, but I did watch and enjoy Woody Woodpecker.  While working on some other images, a flash of creativity hit and this is what the muse produced.  I’m looking forward to not working tomorrow, the dreaded Black Friday.  My friend is going to be checking out some solid dslr cameras tomorrow, so perhaps I will have a new toy to play with.  Crisper images, I will of dream of you tonight.