(Bio)logical Speculation Dissertation


trapperKeeper is a devoted funkateer, presently residing in Seattle.  An ex-pat of Motown, funky hub of automobiles, Faygo & unkut Funk, he loves film, photography, books, bbqing, bass, absurdity, vjing, real food, and the scenery of the Emerald City.

trapperKeeper, a libertarian socialist, strongly believes in open, transparent government, cooperatively owned businesses, and a strong, truly free press.  All political wrongdoers should be put in stockades and have rotten fruit thrown at them.  If the act committed was particularly heinous, exile shall be the preferred punishment to imprisonment or execution.

The only sacred cow is irreverence.   The only difference between comedy & tragedy is distance. Free your mind & your ass will follow.

One Response to “(Bio)logical Speculation Dissertation”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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