Summer’s Upon Us/Baseball Is Here

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the Tiger games in Seattle.  Unfortunately, the Tigers were blown out Friday as Jeremy Bonderman proved to be highly ineffective.  After a day of sunshine, the sky clouded up in the evening, producing occasional sprinkles.  Thus, we watched the game with the roof closed, which isn’t a bad experience.  The stadium is still open, so there is some feeling of being outside.  Being that the Mariners reside in Seattle, a city where spring and potential late October baseball would be played under a constant threat of a sprinkles, having a roof is logical.  Hard rain doesn’t happen to often in Seattle nor last very long, but rain delays almost always suck, especially ones that last for an hour+.  The retractable roof renders any rain powerless whether light or strong.  Anyhow, Saturday proved to be a better game with the Tigers’ only losing 4-2.  Justin struggled initially, but eventually settled down.  His solid effort was for naught though due to the offense’s ability to hit with men in scoring position.  More rain meant another closed roof game.

Waking up early to attractive lighting, I decided to forgo more sleep and got up to work on some things.  As game time approached, no clouds were showing themselves.  Sitting in the front of the bleachers, we were treated to a nice sun blast and a Miguel Cabrera blast.  I haven’t yet checked the distance, but it had to be a good 450 feet.  Clearing about ten rows, the ball shot through the stairwell opening.  Solid pitching kept the Tigers in the game, which wouldn’t have been so close if the Tigers had any ability to hit with runners in scoring position.  Austin Jackson led off with a triple.  Johnny Damon, who has been wielding a sharper looking stick lately, then got on base.  The next 3 Detroiters, the heart of the line-up, were unable to drive them home.  #24 redeemed himself by hitting that 3-run blast later on.  Getting 9 hits and walking 9 times, the team had plenty of opportunities to blow it open earlier.  Offense, specifically a lack of clutch hitting has continued to plague them into the Angels series.  Unless this trend is corrected soon, or the Tigers get to play the Royals and Indians many, many times, they will struggle to be anything more than a .500 team.

I have a lot more photos to edit from the games, but here is an initial batch.  Safeco Field is a good place to catch a game.  There are some flaws with it, but I can get into the pluses and minuses of the park the next time.

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