I’ve slipped a little recently in my diet by indulging in a few dirty burgers, but, all in all, have been keeping up with it well.  Tonight, I enjoyed some berry blast kefir smoothie, half an avocado, good sourdough bread, and grass-fed beef patty.  I also picked up the grains I need to start making kefir and my milk for the week.  It’s time to start pounding the raw goodness even more.  Beet Kvass is surprisingly awesome, at least when it is done properly.  I don’t like beets all that much, but the kvass can be a decently tasty liver tonic.  Originally from Russia, kvass is a healing drink for the body.  Kvass’ disease fighting properties allowed Russian soldiers to feel comfortable enough to share kvass glasses during a cholera epidemic.  Make sure to eat fermented, alive foods.  Your gut needs good bacteria.  In extreme situations, medical professionals will actually insert a healthy person’s feces into a person who gets sick due to a lack of good bacteria (usually the result of anti-biotic use) anally or orally through a tube.  After reading that piece of information, I needed no more convincing of the need to keep a healthy gut.  Raw milk in the morning is a wonderful way to coat your stomach with good bacteria, providing for more pleasant digestion.


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