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Fresh Air

Posted in Cats, Photos on April 30, 2010 by trapperKeeper

Stella loves spending time outside without the lease.  I don’t love the thought of her crawling around the underbrush where she can’t be reached or getting lost out around the block.  Thus, she has supervised outdoor visits, which give me opportunities to work on the camera skills.

X Marks the Spot

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This post is brought to you by the letter X.  More progress was made in the visual realm today.  A piece of gear started working properly.  One small step forward is better than walking on a treadmill.  Here are the links to the latest.  I’m working on a number of systems, all of which have strengths and significant weaknesses.  I’m not sure if it’s possible to bridge them, but if I can figure out a way I will have assembled .  With a few more pieces of gear, it’d be possible to have a system capable of mixing visuals with live video.  With a significantly larger amount of money, it’d be possible to feed multiple video cameras wirelessly into a central computer which could be used to mix video live and on the fly.  Tomorrow, I have a the opportunity to get some practice in a live setting.  Here is another short clip:


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I’m working on some more photo posts.  Lately, I’ve been busy working on vjing as I’ve put together more of the necessary tools.  Frankly, there is a lot of work ahead of me including learning midi signals, creating content, and creating the templates and automations.  Thankfully, having some pieces of hardware makes the creation process way more fun and efficient.  I don’t understand how so many vjs have taken so long to come around to using midi controllers.  Instead of being limited to using one hand on a mouse, you can use all ten fingers to push buttons and tweak knobs.  Sadly, I have yet to get the knobs to work properly, but tonight I made some progress on resolving that problem.  Fun must be had regardless of the long road of work ahead.  If learning can be made fun, it is much more effective.  The programs need to be learned and quickly since I have some opportunities to get out and get some live practice in.  Here are clips from the first experiments.

Dirty Floors & Bright Lights

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Recent visual creations

Checkered Tile & the Joker

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A couple of photos from a trip to the 619 building, an artist space in Seattle.  Recently, a loft space opened up there.  Though, I don’t have the money nor is the time right to make the move.  Still, the building is awesome.  Old, wood floors, high ceilings, and an elevator the Joker would feel comfortable in.

Shadow Cat (Eye Spy)

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Farmer’s Market

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Sunday is the day of the Ballard, the neighborhood just north across the canal from me, Farmer’s Market, where much nutrient rich, succulent food can be found.  I’ve enjoyed bread, beef heart, grass-fed & finished beef, a pumpkin ice cream bar, and a bag of lettuce.  I have some chicken feet and necks, waiting to be used to make a killer, nutritious broth, currently stored in my friend’s freezer.  Real food is where it’s at for taste and nutrition.