Some more pictures, based on texture and reflection.  Lately, photography has been coming easier.  I still take plenty of mediocre ones, but lately it seems like I’ve found my way back to the flow state.  Winter ends tomorrow.  I’m excited even though this was perhaps the best winter I’ve experienced.  In addition to nice weather, I didn’t even really battle the usual seasonal affective disorder. Perhaps, the therapy light did what it was supposed to do.  Through the years, I’ve become a lot better at handling the dips of life, especially the lows of wintertime.  This winter I’ve barely had to deal with the hardcore blues, despite the horrible state of affairs in the world and the current, at least superficial, stagnation we are dealing with.

Dramatic change is happening, and we can see some of it already, but a lot of it is going on in the underground currently because the governing institutions of our country are way behind the times.  But time catches up to all of us and the stench of reality cannot be avoided forever.  The time draws nearer as the unemployment lingers (and will continue for years, barring America revolutionizing some field and exporting the technology around the globe), and the tax and consumer base shrivels up as the rich continue to grab for more of the wealth, even though they have the largest percentage of it in American history since wealth started being recorded in the late 1920s.  While I care little for the illusion of money, I recognize it’s practicality and importance in the modern world; however, I find the greed of the exploiters, whether of people or land/air/water disgusting.  The only thing worse than their greed are their lies.  Anyhow, I’m working on avoiding getting to worked up over the situation of the world, so I’ll stop while I’m ahead.  Enjoy the photos, there will be more soon.


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