I Can’t Stand This Feeling When It Hits

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today, so I’m actually getting into bed early.  Plus, I have errands to handle tomorrow and evening and late night fun planned.  If it is to be accomplished, I cannot be sick.  Today, it didn’t prevent me from hauling 3 loads of laundry up the hill.  While waiting on the machines, I checked in at a framing shop, which gave me some ideas.  Ideas that will not be written here for fear of a potentially original idea getting ganked.  But while I was in there, neurons fired and an idea was created.  When I asked about the possibility of achieving the concept, the people there said that no one had ever asked them doing that and they had never even thought about doing it.  During hard economic times, ingenuity, originality, and experimentation are your friends.  Anyhow, it is time to rest.  Here are some photos from a few days ago, including some more of the stairwells of Queen Anne neighborhood.


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