Grande Burritos & Raw Foods

Recently, I’ve been thinking more about the food going in between my lips.  So much of the “food” being produced these days is little more than high fructose corn syrup, fat, salts, and preservatives.  At best, it is nutritionally void; however, research and common sense would dictate that these substances are in fact harmful, potentially very harmful.  High fructose syrup is clearly a toxic substance.  The number of children suffering from diabetes and obesity is disgustingly high and can be traced back to their diets coupled with inactivity, one of the side effects of high fructose corn syrup.

Your body expends so much energy processing the unnatural substances, in this case high fructose corn syrup, that it gets worn out while also receiving no meaningful nutrients.  Lethargy comes next followed by an increased risk for diabetes, obesity and other physical health, let alone mental health, problems.  The cycle is vicious and hard to break, as sugar is an addictive substance.  I started moving away from the high fructose and most of the highly processed, artificial foods a few years ago after a trip to Santa Cruz, CA.  A visit which also confirmed my thought that the West Coast was where I wanted to live if I got the chance.  Now, I’ve been in Seattle for more than two years and don’t see myself moving anytime soon.  There are very few other places I’d want to live in the United States besides parts of California, returning home to Detroit if the circumstances were right, or an isolated outpost in the mountains rising west of the Great Plains if/when chaos breaks out as the governing institutions and public infrastructure fall into greater states of disrepair.  Seattle blesses me with mountains and water, sunshine all summer long, mild winters (so far this winter has been far more like spring), and, among other things, easy access to real food.

Real food is nutritious, ripe, and full with the vital juices of the universe.  When you bite into a  tomato allowed to ripen fully, you notice the immense difference between that and what you usually find at the grocery store.  Pretty much all produce at the grocery store is picked before ripe, so it will stay longer in stores.  Unfortunately, severing the fruit/vegetable before it is allowed to run through its’ whole growth cycle results in produce lacking in nutrients.  Your taste buds rejoice when you bite into truly ripe produce and your body is invigorated.  It knows you’re eating the bomb shit, chock full of the nutrients a body craves.

Lately, one of my friends, who introduced me to a lot of interesting food ideas, has had some house guests, who are hardcore foodies.  The couple eat a primal diet, which means raw meat (liver, heart, brain, and more standard American cuts of meat), raw dairy, and fruit.  I don’t believe they eat any vegetables.  I hung out with them while over at my friend’s house and learned some interesting, research worthy things.  They shared some raw, spiced bison on a cracker, a delicious berry kefir smoothie, goat milk, and a, surprisingly, good pickle.  I have never liked pickles, but liked this one.  Anyhow, my back is starting to hurt from sitting too long.  Tomorrow, I hope to get my yoga ball inflated and make it my new chair.  Sitting on the ball is much easier on your lower back than most chairs I’ve sat on.


One Response to “Grande Burritos & Raw Foods”

  1. Welcome to the world of real food! Once you start looking into it, it’s hard to look back to the world of corn syrup, grains, and unpronounceable ingredients.

    Just FYI, “raw foodists” represent a very small percentage of people who adhere to a primal lifestyle. Raw meat is not a requisite of the primal blueprint, and vegetables most definitely ARE!

    Primal eaters consume:
    Non-starchy vegetables
    Meat and fish (usually cooked)
    Fruits (emphasis on berries over fleshier fruits)
    Nuts and Seeds

    They avoid:
    Refined sugar
    and Legumes

    They moderate:
    Dark Chocolate
    Red Wine

    And eat only occasionally:
    Starchy fruits/vegetables (potatoes, bananas,rice)
    Honey and unrefined sugar

    They may or may not eat dairy, depending on how they feel they personally react to it. Many limit dairy intake to butter, cream, cheese, kefir, and greek yogurt, which have no sugar and therefore no lactose.

    Check out this website:

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