Cheeseburgers & Liquor (A Magical Land)

Before I knew of Trailer Park Boys, I loved cheeseburgers and liquor, perhaps a bit too much.  Having since matured from my college days, I know enjoy both in moderation.  For a while, I had even abstained from the liquor, but recently got back into it a bit.  Even after the long break, I can still tell a good liquor and drink it straight no problem, though my ability to consume it the way I used to has, thankfully, resided.  Jim Lahey is a hilarious character, but not someone to emulate.  In fact, John Dunsmore, the actor who plays Lahey, rarely drinks in real life.  Regardless, he is one of the best at playing a drunk ever.  Great at slurring and moving like an intoxicated individual, Dunsmore’s Lahey is one of the great characters in television history.  Here’s a deleted scene I just discovered tonight.


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