Budding (Flowers & Blue Skies)

I’ve said before it’s been spring in Seattle for a while, at this point over a month.  The trend continues; it’s supposed to reach 61 degrees on Saturday.  Lots of sun, little rain, and temperate temperatures.  While I didn’t move out this way with the expectation of avoiding precipitation, I did move away to avoid snow and the, at times, bitter cold of the Midwest.  This winter has been the best winter of my life.  Flora and fauna are still under the full illusion spring has arrived and is here to stay, and who’s to say they aren’t right.  Anyhow, the cherry blossoms were one of the first things to pop, but since then other flowers, both ground and tree-based, have followed the cherry blossoms’ lead.

Tonight, there was an amazing sunset.  Unfortunately, I was at work and missed/wasn’t able to see most of it.  Allegedly, there was a rainbow that appeared over the city, but I didn’t see that from where I was.  Still, I could tell it was a special one and was a bit saddened I wasn’t able to properly enjoy it.  Documenting it on camera would have been fun, but getting lost in the experience is the main reason I love taking in nature.  Photography is just a way to support my desire to just walk around taking in what nature provides.  That said, I’ve had a long day of work, ten hours, a good eatin’n’chillin session with my friend, and am now finally ready for an escape into the darkness of REM.

Oh, one last thing.  I do actually plan on posting more, editing more, etc, I’ve just been a bit busy and putting together a concept that is viable for the near future and long-term isn’t .  Plus, I keep following the sociopolitical news seeing the increasing collapse of our corrupt ruling institutions and waiting for the moment for broader action.  Since college, I’ve taken nice strides towards realizing self-actualization, self-reliance, and healthy living.  In just a few years, and needing no medical reasons for inspiration, I’ve totally changed the way I view and consume food.  Anyways, the ramble is getting close to escaping and I’m not inclined to let it out tonight.  There will be more soon.


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