The Adventures of Stella Cat

Here’s some recent pictures of Stella cat, who immensely enjoys munching on the grass in the back.  It’s been spring in Seattle for a month now, which has led to much, mostly cute, whining to be let out, but Stella’s love of crawling through the underbrush means most of her time outdoors is on her harness, which isn’t her favorite accessory to sport and, thus, causes her to come indoors faster than her free range self would.  As much as it pains me to restrict her freedom, I can’t deal with the inconvenience and heartache her disappearance would cause.  I tell myself that ultimately she appreciates the restrictions on her freedom because they ensure a longer life and the comfort provided by a consistent source of food, shelter, and affection.

Then, I think about how that arrangement is no different from the arrangements humans construct for themselves and how this arrangement based on reaching comfort ultimately leads to stagnation and extinction.  Who knows what Stella would be capable of if she were forced to fend for herself.  The same concept applies to many of us in affluent America, where even most of the poor have a higher standard of living, at least based on access to material goods and credit, than most of the rest of the world’s poor.  It’s late and I’m not yet tired, but it’s time to start shutting the brain down for I have work tomorrow and need to get in early to get my check and take it to the bank so I can pay my rent.  Existentialism sometimes has to take a backseat to the here and now.

There are a few cats that roam around the area, including a black and white one Stella always freak out and hisses at.  There are times where I’m crashed out in bed and get woken up by her rush to the window through the blinds and her hissing.  Although, when I let her out when the other two cats were out on the stairwell, she and the black’n’white cat cautiously walked towards each other, sniffed and then the black’n’white pussycat departed.  Stella is protective of her space, a reason I haven’t added a companion for her.  Anyhow, cats love to stare at each other and love to have their bellies tickled, so make sure to show some love when you have the opportunity.


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