Discovery Park (Spring in Winter)

I’ve been wanting to sit down and write, but have been busy with things this past week.  Sunday, the Lord’s day of rest, was a day of relaxation, but due to all the hours I’ve logged sitting down this week, I laid up in bed and enjoyed some NBA hoops, Olympic hockey, and later got out to see Trailer Park Boys live,  the Ricky, Julian, & Bubbles Community Service Variety Show.  Being a huge Trailer Park Boys fan, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them live.  They did one show in L.A. and have a few dates in Canada, their motherland, and one in Seattle.  A couple of my friends, ok actually most of my friends out here, some of whom are friends originally from Michigan, are big TPBers, so a few of us met up and went.

The Moore Theatre was intimate and had good sound, but it was significantly warmer up at the top than elsewhere, which has the unfortunate effect of inducing sleepiness.  The Moore also lacked the ornate wall decorations some of the similar venues in Detroit had, but Seattle is a city that is severely lacking when it comes to the craftmanship found in the architecture of older eastern cities.

Anyhow, here are some pictures from a recent trip to Discovery Park with my friend and his one and a half-eyed dog, Mosa.  There are some more of this day I have to touch up, but I do feel these are portraits.  Besides shooting pictures for some shitty corporation, which I haven’t done, taking pictures of people is the most uncomfortable I’ve felt while photographing, which generally means I stop after only a few minutes.  Shooting my friend and his dog wasn’t actually difficult.  Perhaps, I should say photographing my friend and his dog.  For the record, I’ve never even held a real gun, despite my love of Chuck Bronson’s cinematic career.

Some of the occasions I’ve been out to are parties, mostly underground parties, with people out having a good time.  These days privacy is harder and harder to find, ironic considering what I’m doing right now.  Anyways, when I’m out at a lot of these gatherings I’m out to have some fun and get in some photo/video work, but getting footage of my friend playing and taking a bunch of close-ups of people partying down are two different things.  I feel I’m intruding on people’s fun.  Taking pictures of someone who explicitly take pictures of them is way easier to intellectually handle.  I’m proud of these ones.  The simple contrast provided by the sand and blue, cloudless sky with the trees breaking up the middle made for some really nice photos.

Recently, I’ve started incorporating color into my composing process.  Not that I didn’t think of color before, but I’m talking about seeing the picture .  At some point, I will write more about the photographic process, but will leave you with a little something.  Photography is more about capturing the mood of a scene and emotions felt at the time than the visual stimuli our eyes send back to our brain, which is turned into an image (we don’t see with our eyes, we see with our brains).  This isn’t to say the visual image presented isn’t important, but if one is blind to essence of the moment all you’ll get is a snapshot not a photograph.  That’s enough for now.  There are many more photographs to come.

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  1. I love reading this and hearing what you think

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