Creaky Knees, Sunshine, & Blue Skies

Here is a photo from the other day.  I’ve been out taking a good amount of photos and shooting video, which has lead to good progress on better learning the gear.  I’ve also got my computer system up and running almost completely.  Tonight, I started messing around with some of the new software.  There will be posts of significance soon, but the weather has been way nice and I’ve been busy with work, helping friends, and learning.  This past Saturday, I got out and shot some video with a decent video camera.  Anyhow, it is late and my wrist and back want a rest, so ado for now.  Things will slow down soon enough and the weather will have to be rough again at some point right?  This summer could be pretty busy, so indoor inducing weather now will allow for the necessary editing work to be done.

And some pictures from a Valentine’s Day Party.

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