The Treadmill of Life

There are just some things I really love.  “Let’s Paint, Exercise,…” is one of those things.  I haven’t found the ones where John wasn’t exercising anywhere near as entertaining.  There was another quite unique one I found called “Let’s Paint, Exercise, & Make a Sushi-Gingerbread House.” John, as usual, proselytizes for creativity, multi-tasking, and exploring ideas, no matter how wacky and impossible they are.  Embracing failure, a key attribute in the creative process, John bungles the sushi-gingerbread house, but gets a good workout in while enjoying an almost prank call free show.  “Let’s Paint, Exercise,…” will go down as one of the strangest, best things I’ve ever watched on a screen.  Only a sincere individual could pull off what John pulls off.

It’s time for me to go into the lab and get to work on some visual pieces, both digital and material.  As I get better, digital collaging will become more fun, but working with scissors and glue still feels more comfortable.  Collaging with stacks of magazines, scissors, and vinyl to play is a much more visceral, organic experience than sitting in front of the screen.  For one, the randomness of magazine digging cannot be equaled on the computer.  When collaging on the internet, one seeks out images; when collaging in the material realm, the images find the seeker. Since process is a major aspect of art, the deeper connection I’ve felt scissor collaging has thus far produced better results.  Anyhow, it is getting late and I have a long work day tomorrow. “Go overboard, you can always pull back and regroup.”

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