Multi-tasking & Creative Processes

Above is an improved kaleidoscope piece.  Below is a collage made from photos from my trip to Portland.  Also, some links to one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever witnessed, “Let’s Paint, Exercise, fill in the blank(s).”  While absurd, the program still projects a positive message centered around creativity, multi-tasking, civility, not being afraid to fail, patience when dealing with jackasses, and getting out there and tackling life.  I had an enjoyable weekend hanging out with friends, fine-tuning the computer, taking a few walks, and watching the spectacle that is “Let’s Paint, Exercise,…”

I’m looking forward to the new month, a month of creativity, especially in regards to music.  I’ve taken a long enough break.  As John says, “Don’t be afraid to tackle that project…don’t be afraid, just do it.”

Some of the tasks won’t be so fun, but they are necessary.  Plus, they can, surprisingly, turn out to be fun.  For example, I’m reading a book on music law, which touches upon some of the same issues surrounding image law, that has been pleasant and informative page-turning experience. Get out there and do it!

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