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Creaky Knees, Sunshine, & Blue Skies

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Here is a photo from the other day.  I’ve been out taking a good amount of photos and shooting video, which has lead to good progress on better learning the gear.  I’ve also got my computer system up and running almost completely.  Tonight, I started messing around with some of the new software.  There will be posts of significance soon, but the weather has been way nice and I’ve been busy with work, helping friends, and learning.  This past Saturday, I got out and shot some video with a decent video camera.  Anyhow, it is late and my wrist and back want a rest, so ado for now.  Things will slow down soon enough and the weather will have to be rough again at some point right?  This summer could be pretty busy, so indoor inducing weather now will allow for the necessary editing work to be done.

And some pictures from a Valentine’s Day Party.

Reading, Writing, & Arithmetic (Eat Your Greens)

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There will be more significant posts soon.  I’ve been a bit busy, but after work tomorrow plan on actually sitting down and working.  I got out tonight and got some pictures, as well as last night.  Needing a walk to the grocery store, I brought along my camera and got some good shots for my alphabets and numbers series, which is inspired from my love of words and my experiences as a literacy tutor.  Numbers are included because it is the three r’s, not two.  The image above was the result of some messing around with technique and filters.  The below is of Stella cat from earlier today.  Make sure to eat your greens to ensure good digestive health.

For real, a salad a day and cutting out processed foods will make you feel so much better.  I’m attempting to go more raw when it comes to eating.  Raw milk begins next week.  If you know and trust the source, I recommend moving your business to small, local farmers, even if they might not be certified organic, a status which requires a lot of money to attain.  I can’t believe the way I used to eat and am glad I’ve changed course as a younger man.  Now I should be able to maintain my youthful appearance and slim physique for as long as I keep living healthy.

The Big O

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Cherry Blossoms & Spring Songs

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I am working on another post, but here is a little something so you know Stella and I are alive and Seattle is experiencing spring in winter.

The Treadmill of Life

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There are just some things I really love.  “Let’s Paint, Exercise,…” is one of those things.  I haven’t found the ones where John wasn’t exercising anywhere near as entertaining.  There was another quite unique one I found called “Let’s Paint, Exercise, & Make a Sushi-Gingerbread House.” John, as usual, proselytizes for creativity, multi-tasking, and exploring ideas, no matter how wacky and impossible they are.  Embracing failure, a key attribute in the creative process, John bungles the sushi-gingerbread house, but gets a good workout in while enjoying an almost prank call free show.  “Let’s Paint, Exercise,…” will go down as one of the strangest, best things I’ve ever watched on a screen.  Only a sincere individual could pull off what John pulls off.

It’s time for me to go into the lab and get to work on some visual pieces, both digital and material.  As I get better, digital collaging will become more fun, but working with scissors and glue still feels more comfortable.  Collaging with stacks of magazines, scissors, and vinyl to play is a much more visceral, organic experience than sitting in front of the screen.  For one, the randomness of magazine digging cannot be equaled on the computer.  When collaging on the internet, one seeks out images; when collaging in the material realm, the images find the seeker. Since process is a major aspect of art, the deeper connection I’ve felt scissor collaging has thus far produced better results.  Anyhow, it is getting late and I have a long work day tomorrow. “Go overboard, you can always pull back and regroup.”

Product Placement

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Here are some product photos, so you can get an idea of how the printed image appears.  Goodbye blue Monday!

Multi-tasking & Creative Processes

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Above is an improved kaleidoscope piece.  Below is a collage made from photos from my trip to Portland.  Also, some links to one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever witnessed, “Let’s Paint, Exercise, fill in the blank(s).”  While absurd, the program still projects a positive message centered around creativity, multi-tasking, civility, not being afraid to fail, patience when dealing with jackasses, and getting out there and tackling life.  I had an enjoyable weekend hanging out with friends, fine-tuning the computer, taking a few walks, and watching the spectacle that is “Let’s Paint, Exercise,…”

I’m looking forward to the new month, a month of creativity, especially in regards to music.  I’ve taken a long enough break.  As John says, “Don’t be afraid to tackle that project…don’t be afraid, just do it.”

Some of the tasks won’t be so fun, but they are necessary.  Plus, they can, surprisingly, turn out to be fun.  For example, I’m reading a book on music law, which touches upon some of the same issues surrounding image law, that has been pleasant and informative page-turning experience. Get out there and do it!