Burgerville, USA

I just got home a few hours ago from a trip down to Portland.  I was only there for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, a very rainy afternoon.  Plus, it seems that much of Portland is shut down on Sunday.  Still, my friend, who had a show down there, and I drove around the city for a while.

Truly, Portland is a city of bridges.  Due to the rivers, the railroad tracks, and freeways, navigating the city was interesting.  We arrived late on Saturday night, so we missed out on the opportunity to check out the city on day which wasn’t rainy.  Portland has a substantially sized riverfront park that reminded me of the Saturday night we were in the Chinatown area, which was small, but had some nice lamps and older buildings.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of those objects.

Another activity I didn’t engage in was going to a strip club, although Portland is famous for them.  There are so many within the city that they are able to carve out niche markets.  For example, a vegetarian strip club.  Allegedly, the food at many of them is quite serviceable while the establishments are clean.

One extremely wack aspect of Oregon is that you can’t pump your own gas, which means that if you need gas later at night, you have to wait until the station opens in the morning to fill up.  Thankfully, we didn’t run out of gas.  I guess it would lead to people in need of gas to grabbing hotel rooms, so the policy may benefit local commerce, but it surely is a pain in the ass for the traveler.  In addition to the inconvenience, the job of pumping gas must be one of the worst service jobs invented.  Sunday was a cold, rainy, gross day and this poor young man had to run from car to car pumping gas for, I’m sure, below living standard wages.  In short, it’s a job someone like Dick Cheney should be forced to work as punishment for his sins.  Anyhow, here are a few pictures.

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