Sunday Driving

Until tonight, I hadn’t clicked on any of the thumbnails from the new camera.  I had no idea the size was so gigantic.  I’ll look into shrinking down images for the web.  The flickr page hasn’t been as active lately, I just haven’t been in the editing mood lately, but if you are having problems downloading the big images, flickr’s internet load will be easier.

One reason I haven’t been doing as much computer work is a slight uptick in work lately and for a few more weeks.  Things worked out this week that I got Saturday off so I can go to Portland while still getting the hours I need to cover bills.  I haven’t been to Portland yet and am in need of an adventure, so the situation couldn’t work out better. Hopefully, the photo editing bug will hit soon.  The idea is to do as much editing as you can before even taking the picture.  It is one I am working on realizing more and more.  My biggest problem is with washed-out skies, but that can be corrected once I can afford a nice UV filter.  There are some badass ones capable of knocking out significant amounts of washed-out whiteness.

Here are some photos from the football trip out to West Seattle.  The sky was harsh that day.  I have yet to go into the raw format to see if some white balance correcting may work as an aesthetic aid.  These ones have been deemed worthy of viewing despite being straight out the camera.

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