Railroad Tracks & Walking Paths (Step away from my mouth Nazi)

Last week, I had a teeth cleaning up in Ballard.  Not the most exciting activity in the world, unless you happen to get a Nazi dentist intent on killing you, but getting a cleaning felt great.

My teeth still feel bony smooth.  Anyhow, the weather was cooperative that day and it stopped raining for my early afternoon journey.  Instead of waiting almost an hour for a bus to catch another bus, I took advantage of these things we call legs.  Ask your doctor if getting off your ass might be right for you as well.  Here are some photos from the day.  Slowly, I am starting to expand upon my style.  At times, the struggle gets frustrating, but without struggle there isn’t growth.  Without growth, there is atrophy.  Without atrophy, there is no death.  Without death, what do we have to live for?

Alright, enough playing around.  Here are the photos.


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