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Burgerville, USA

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I just got home a few hours ago from a trip down to Portland.  I was only there for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, a very rainy afternoon.  Plus, it seems that much of Portland is shut down on Sunday.  Still, my friend, who had a show down there, and I drove around the city for a while.

Truly, Portland is a city of bridges.  Due to the rivers, the railroad tracks, and freeways, navigating the city was interesting.  We arrived late on Saturday night, so we missed out on the opportunity to check out the city on day which wasn’t rainy.  Portland has a substantially sized riverfront park that reminded me of the Saturday night we were in the Chinatown area, which was small, but had some nice lamps and older buildings.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of those objects.

Another activity I didn’t engage in was going to a strip club, although Portland is famous for them.  There are so many within the city that they are able to carve out niche markets.  For example, a vegetarian strip club.  Allegedly, the food at many of them is quite serviceable while the establishments are clean.

One extremely wack aspect of Oregon is that you can’t pump your own gas, which means that if you need gas later at night, you have to wait until the station opens in the morning to fill up.  Thankfully, we didn’t run out of gas.  I guess it would lead to people in need of gas to grabbing hotel rooms, so the policy may benefit local commerce, but it surely is a pain in the ass for the traveler.  In addition to the inconvenience, the job of pumping gas must be one of the worst service jobs invented.  Sunday was a cold, rainy, gross day and this poor young man had to run from car to car pumping gas for, I’m sure, below living standard wages.  In short, it’s a job someone like Dick Cheney should be forced to work as punishment for his sins.  Anyhow, here are a few pictures.

Sunday Driving

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Until tonight, I hadn’t clicked on any of the thumbnails from the new camera.  I had no idea the size was so gigantic.  I’ll look into shrinking down images for the web.  The flickr page hasn’t been as active lately, I just haven’t been in the editing mood lately, but if you are having problems downloading the big images, flickr’s internet load will be easier.

One reason I haven’t been doing as much computer work is a slight uptick in work lately and for a few more weeks.  Things worked out this week that I got Saturday off so I can go to Portland while still getting the hours I need to cover bills.  I haven’t been to Portland yet and am in need of an adventure, so the situation couldn’t work out better. Hopefully, the photo editing bug will hit soon.  The idea is to do as much editing as you can before even taking the picture.  It is one I am working on realizing more and more.  My biggest problem is with washed-out skies, but that can be corrected once I can afford a nice UV filter.  There are some badass ones capable of knocking out significant amounts of washed-out whiteness.

Here are some photos from the football trip out to West Seattle.  The sky was harsh that day.  I have yet to go into the raw format to see if some white balance correcting may work as an aesthetic aid.  These ones have been deemed worthy of viewing despite being straight out the camera.

Sun was Shining

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MLK day saw Seattle blessed with some much needed sunshine.  I took advantage and got out for a walk and sit by the water. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a sunset and the clouds were static (I shot some video too).  Still, practice is practice and there was at least a nice rich blue sky.  The space needle has been photographed ad nauseum, but Myrtle Edwards Park provides some unique composition opportunities in the winter due to the bare trees.

I need to do significant editing soon, but have been putting it off.  Here are some pictures from today that are good enough to be seen prior to editing.  I’m having an issue syncing the colors on my camera and computer.  I think the problem is on the computer end.  Whatever the source, the fact the white in images appears significantly brighter on the monitors than it is on the camera is annoying, but hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.

Taking the tripod out made shooting easier.  Holding a camera steady can be difficult if not impossible in low-light, like the light I was shooting in today.  Tripod shooting is nice, but it still can be cumbersome.  I really want one of these:

Though, I would prefer to have one with a blade bottom.  This glorious tool would make photography during the zombie apocalypse much easier.

Chasing Computer Mice

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Stella loves the hum of the computer.  Along with her box, the computer is her other favorite spot to chill.  Perhaps someday the two powers will be united forming the ultimate resting place. Here are some other furry cats I met when I went to West Seattle to watch some playoff football.

Railroad Tracks & Walking Paths (Step away from my mouth Nazi)

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Last week, I had a teeth cleaning up in Ballard.  Not the most exciting activity in the world, unless you happen to get a Nazi dentist intent on killing you, but getting a cleaning felt great.

My teeth still feel bony smooth.  Anyhow, the weather was cooperative that day and it stopped raining for my early afternoon journey.  Instead of waiting almost an hour for a bus to catch another bus, I took advantage of these things we call legs.  Ask your doctor if getting off your ass might be right for you as well.  Here are some photos from the day.  Slowly, I am starting to expand upon my style.  At times, the struggle gets frustrating, but without struggle there isn’t growth.  Without growth, there is atrophy.  Without atrophy, there is no death.  Without death, what do we have to live for?

Alright, enough playing around.  Here are the photos.


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This picture is from November, but aptly sums up the weather in Seattle lately.  Going through the archives recently I came across it.  I really like this one.  The line of trees on the right-hand side moves towards the car, while the straightness of the antenna contrasts with the wind-blown tree behind the car.  The rain had died off at this point, leaving the sky with great atmosphere.

In other news, the computer situation appears to be resolved, so expect some posts.  It is time to get productive on multiple fronts again after taking a few days off.  During this time, I realized I get moody and more prone to bleak, angry thoughts if I am not creating. Still, I needed to step back to think properly about the next steps to take.  Things are a bit clearer now.  I need to jump back into Photoshop, but I have some unedited photos I feel confident enough in sharing.

Explosions Over Seattle

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Happy new year.  2009 was a rough one for many.  While it wasn’t the easiest year for me, 2009 will go down as a good one.  Getting started on music production, helping out in throwing some events, and getting more seriously involved with photography were all positive building blocks.

I’ve been working more in Photoshop.  Having worked through a CS1 book once so far, I’ve already started applying the learned lessons.  Experimenting is another important aspect of any creative endeavor, including ones of the visual realm.  Lately, I’ve had a few visions, both specific and broad, about the evolution of my work.  I’m working on one piece now.

Lastly, the kaleidoscope ideas have been emphasizing colors and multiple layers.  Last night, I came across an old plug-in which I had forgotten about.  Instantly, I knew the rediscovery would bear sweet eye candy.  While delivering on the promise, unfortunately the plug-in wasn’t working properly when it came to the actual processing of the data.  I am working on remedying the situation.  Previously, I had successfully used the plug-in.  I will not be defeated for the twisted results made my eyes jump with joy.

A track that helped me out during recent Photoshop work has been Flying Lotus’s “Melt,” which you can check out here:

I’ve been listening to some of his other stuff as well as some older funk.  “Melt” is some deep, drum-driven, funk.  No other music in this post.  I’m compiling tracks for some mixes.  I’ve done similar work in the past, but those lists were lost when I switched over to MediaMonkey.  For a while, I wasn’t listening to a lot of music while working on the computer, but the pendulum has swung back the other way.  Check back soon for more pictures, some thoughts about photography, and a useful trick I’ve discovered for better utilizing the on camera flash.