Spill the Wine

So I’ve been slacking on posting music for a while now.  In fact, I’ve been slacking on listening to music lately.  Just one of those cycles; however, it appears the cycle is over and I am back on the Funk.

Working on photo editing certainly gives me a lot of time to be going through my collection. Needed breaks away from the world of Photoshop should make music posts fairly easy to squeeze in.  I am a little under the weather today.  Santa is a fat jerk for bringing me a cold.  I think this may be the first time I’ve been sick all year.   My immune system has been on top of its’ game even more than usual considering the environment I work in and relying on public transportation. Now that the solstice has passed, the days have grown longer and my spirit feels refreshed.  Over the previous three months, I accomplished a decent amount.  Now that I have figured out a path and taken preliminary steps down it, I need to work on self-discipline, so I can really get down to work.

One of the albums I enjoyed the other day while working on these pieces was The Isley Brothers’ Giving It Back (1973).  Enjoy the visuals; they are getting honed and new programs should be added soon. Looking back at the progress I’ve made in only a year, I feel that my five year plan is actually feasible.  Enough for today.  Enjoy the images and music.



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