I’m Still Excited

Cameras are real fun to play with when you have real lens and the best way to learn is to play.  I am still not over how exciting the idea of photography has gotten since getting the new camera.  I’m going to be taking some portrait’s soon, so I need to practice.  I’m getting used to using a lens with no zoom, which means every significant move forward or back means a focus adjustment.  Thus, a few shots that could have been composed better weren’t.  Good thing I have Stella around to refine my approach.  As I said before, it has only been days but I am still so excited.


Perhaps, the Pistons will put on a better showing tomorrow.  Joe D really messed up when he cut Chase Budinger, who gave another team the business including a fairly vicious oop.  The ugly Pistons were on full display tonight for long stretches, but offensive struggles shouldn’t be to surprising when Ben Wallace and Chucky Atkins are out on the floor together and surrounded by only players ranging from equally putrid (Kwame Brown) to marginally better (Maxiell, JJ, Summers).  Some of their misses tonight were hideous, including several airballs.  Ben had one of the worst free throw whiffs ever.  Superscrub Chris Wilcox got some playing time tonight with 3 rebounds, a block and usual high white socks.  Chris Paul must have had his matchup with Chucky Atkins, especially after unsuccessfully chasing Aaron Brooks tonight.  Clyde Drexler and Houston’s play by play tv guy take the award for biggest homers.  The refs had no impact on the blowout tonight, but would it kill them to give Rodney Stuckey some respect.  Only 4 foul shots for a guy constantly taking it to the hole is ludicrous.


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