Welcome Back, Seattle Drizzle

Having finished tidying up the photo archive, I am free to move onto editing and uploading to flickr.  Here are some random recent pictures of Stella.  I’ve been working on music, both ableton and the electribes, the the past couple of days with good results.  I’ve even got the Axiom keyboard hooked into the system.  There isn’t anything to share as of now.  I’m trying not to post rawer pieces, but will occasionally put something out just to sate an inner desire to release.

Photoshop work will come sometime soon, perhaps even tonight for a bit.  A band is interested in using some of my artwork for their webpage and visual show.  Plus, I have a couple of portrait opportunities with a few other musicians and I think a line on some wedding photo editing work.  In short, things are falling into place, so I really need to be putting in work.  With that in mind, I bid farewell.  Check back for more soon.

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