Christmas Glow (If I give good speeches, can I have a peace prize too?)

I have a new tool/toy for taking pictures, a Canon EOS T1i.

I haven’t shot much with it yet, but have tried it out and gotten intimate with the setup.  Having previously shot on a Canon, the transition up to a dSLR isn’t a big deal.  I’ve gotten through more of the photoshop book and started messing around today with the RAW editing program.

My goal is to have all my Canon Powershot photos edited and catalogued by the end of the year. Sorting through and tossing out the refuse provides a cleansing feeling.  I hate clutter, whether physical or mental.  It bugs me out.  So starting off the new year with the work of the past properly put away will allow me to endeavor forward unencumbered.  Some time away from words makes articulating a pleasant activity.  For that reason, I would like to finish up the archiving and editing project so I can get a little breather.  If things work out as planned, I should have some work editing wedding photos in the spring.  I have run out of steam and want to get some pizza dough going by early afternoon, which means vibrating bristles and sand blindness.

Here are some unedited jpegs, albeit fairly boring; however, to be fair,  I was out in the frigid cold to only to test out the camera’s abilities.

I leave you with a jam from earlier today.  The electribes have seen the majority of my creative time the past few days.  Good progress was made on developing drum sounds and practicing my playing.  Remember to pet your pets.

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