Prometheus (Totalitarianism Blues)

The Dutch-American Friendship Treaty ( is my long-term escape plan from the idiocracy  America has morphed into.  There may still be a chance for parts of this country to be successful again, but that chance decreases as progress is held back for more of the same and the citizenry becomes even more zombified.  I’ve been waiting, wanting, and watching the rotting federal government collapse.  I hope it comes soon because dramatic change is coming whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.  The old dinosaurs in the Senate need to die since they aren’t willing cede gerrymandered power.

The Republican and Democratic parties need to perish.  I’d argue the GOP is dead for all intents and purposes.  The lunatics on the right have become so deranged that they’ve scared away all but the quacks and bigots.  On the other side, the jackasses have caved in to this fringe right movement and the wealthy over and over.  Before Obama, they lacked gumption.  Now, with his naive emphasis on bipartisanship, the Democrats have become even better at letting the minority party control government proceedings.  I’ d said it before and I’ll say it again, Obama is a multi-cultural version of Ronald Reagan.  Hell, Reagan even gave more lip service to the idea that torture is reprehensible.

If the way the system is run doesn’t change drastically in the near future, I’ll have no problem saying goodbye to the oligarchy we live under.  A republic, at least the way America’s is run, is certainly a nicer form of totalitarianism than a fascist dictatorship, but it’s still totalitarianism.  Anyhow, here are some new works.


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