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Spill the Wine

Posted in Art, Funk, Music, Photos on December 30, 2009 by trapperKeeper

So I’ve been slacking on posting music for a while now.  In fact, I’ve been slacking on listening to music lately.  Just one of those cycles; however, it appears the cycle is over and I am back on the Funk.

Working on photo editing certainly gives me a lot of time to be going through my collection. Needed breaks away from the world of Photoshop should make music posts fairly easy to squeeze in.  I am a little under the weather today.  Santa is a fat jerk for bringing me a cold.  I think this may be the first time I’ve been sick all year.   My immune system has been on top of its’ game even more than usual considering the environment I work in and relying on public transportation. Now that the solstice has passed, the days have grown longer and my spirit feels refreshed.  Over the previous three months, I accomplished a decent amount.  Now that I have figured out a path and taken preliminary steps down it, I need to work on self-discipline, so I can really get down to work.

One of the albums I enjoyed the other day while working on these pieces was The Isley Brothers’ Giving It Back (1973).  Enjoy the visuals; they are getting honed and new programs should be added soon. Looking back at the progress I’ve made in only a year, I feel that my five year plan is actually feasible.  Enough for today.  Enjoy the images and music.

Tis the Season

Posted in Art, Photos on December 24, 2009 by trapperKeeper

Happy Christmas Eve, here are a few ones from last night.  I’ve got to work this afternoon (lame), but don’t have to work Christmas.  Although, the holiday pay would have been preferable to working today with regular pay.  Enjoy the time with family and friends.  At least, I have Stella cat to keep me company.

Rebound that Basketball!

Posted in Photos on December 18, 2009 by trapperKeeper

After having used Flickr’s photo editing tools, I decided I would upload most of the rest of my images and use the editing tools provided rather than use Photoshop for the task.  I’ll still do more extensive editing to some of the photos, but I don’t want to go through the lengthy process of running them all through the ringer.  Because of this, I won’t be posting some of the images on here.  But if you hop over to my flickr page, you can see the new old stuff.  I am close to breaking 1, 000 images.  Time to get out of the house for some Pistons’ basketball.

I’m Still Excited

Posted in Basketball, Photos, Pistons on December 16, 2009 by trapperKeeper

Cameras are real fun to play with when you have real lens and the best way to learn is to play.  I am still not over how exciting the idea of photography has gotten since getting the new camera.  I’m going to be taking some portrait’s soon, so I need to practice.  I’m getting used to using a lens with no zoom, which means every significant move forward or back means a focus adjustment.  Thus, a few shots that could have been composed better weren’t.  Good thing I have Stella around to refine my approach.  As I said before, it has only been days but I am still so excited.

Perhaps, the Pistons will put on a better showing tomorrow.  Joe D really messed up when he cut Chase Budinger, who gave another team the business including a fairly vicious oop.  The ugly Pistons were on full display tonight for long stretches, but offensive struggles shouldn’t be to surprising when Ben Wallace and Chucky Atkins are out on the floor together and surrounded by only players ranging from equally putrid (Kwame Brown) to marginally better (Maxiell, JJ, Summers).  Some of their misses tonight were hideous, including several airballs.  Ben had one of the worst free throw whiffs ever.  Superscrub Chris Wilcox got some playing time tonight with 3 rebounds, a block and usual high white socks.  Chris Paul must have had his matchup with Chucky Atkins, especially after unsuccessfully chasing Aaron Brooks tonight.  Clyde Drexler and Houston’s play by play tv guy take the award for biggest homers.  The refs had no impact on the blowout tonight, but would it kill them to give Rodney Stuckey some respect.  Only 4 foul shots for a guy constantly taking it to the hole is ludicrous.

Welcome Back, Seattle Drizzle

Posted in Photos, Stella on December 14, 2009 by trapperKeeper

Having finished tidying up the photo archive, I am free to move onto editing and uploading to flickr.  Here are some random recent pictures of Stella.  I’ve been working on music, both ableton and the electribes, the the past couple of days with good results.  I’ve even got the Axiom keyboard hooked into the system.  There isn’t anything to share as of now.  I’m trying not to post rawer pieces, but will occasionally put something out just to sate an inner desire to release.

Photoshop work will come sometime soon, perhaps even tonight for a bit.  A band is interested in using some of my artwork for their webpage and visual show.  Plus, I have a couple of portrait opportunities with a few other musicians and I think a line on some wedding photo editing work.  In short, things are falling into place, so I really need to be putting in work.  With that in mind, I bid farewell.  Check back for more soon.

Christmas Glow (If I give good speeches, can I have a peace prize too?)

Posted in Art, Music, Photos on December 11, 2009 by trapperKeeper

I have a new tool/toy for taking pictures, a Canon EOS T1i.

I haven’t shot much with it yet, but have tried it out and gotten intimate with the setup.  Having previously shot on a Canon, the transition up to a dSLR isn’t a big deal.  I’ve gotten through more of the photoshop book and started messing around today with the RAW editing program.

My goal is to have all my Canon Powershot photos edited and catalogued by the end of the year. Sorting through and tossing out the refuse provides a cleansing feeling.  I hate clutter, whether physical or mental.  It bugs me out.  So starting off the new year with the work of the past properly put away will allow me to endeavor forward unencumbered.  Some time away from words makes articulating a pleasant activity.  For that reason, I would like to finish up the archiving and editing project so I can get a little breather.  If things work out as planned, I should have some work editing wedding photos in the spring.  I have run out of steam and want to get some pizza dough going by early afternoon, which means vibrating bristles and sand blindness.

Here are some unedited jpegs, albeit fairly boring; however, to be fair,  I was out in the frigid cold to only to test out the camera’s abilities.

I leave you with a jam from earlier today.  The electribes have seen the majority of my creative time the past few days.  Good progress was made on developing drum sounds and practicing my playing.  Remember to pet your pets.

Phantom Limbs (Real Sensations)

Posted in Art on December 10, 2009 by trapperKeeper

I had a productive day working on the MX, which felt great.  It had been a while since I got a few hours of music therapy in.  After taking in a Piston victory, I got some more music in.  Not too in the mood for photo editing, I went ahead with the boring, but necessary, task of properly calibrating photoshop.  Initially, the process caused a few problems, but they appear to have been resolved.  Late night dinners with my friend usually entail some photo work though, so I got a little bit in.  In fact, I really enjoyed the results of tonight’s fast session, which produced the work above.  As I get through more of the photoshop book, I’m sure I will be back for further editing.