ha-ha-ha-HA-ha (Black Friday Spreads the Swine Flu)

Happy Thanksgiving.  I had to work.  In fact, I almost had to stay for the overnight due to a series of unfortunate incidents.  Thankfully, I left at my normal time.  I’ve been making some progress on the Flickr task while also working on new stuff, working on music, and getting some reading about those subjects in.  I had some fun last night working on this Woody Woodpecker piece.  I didn’t watch much tv as a child, and still don’t, but I did watch and enjoy Woody Woodpecker.  While working on some other images, a flash of creativity hit and this is what the muse produced.  I’m looking forward to not working tomorrow, the dreaded Black Friday.  My friend is going to be checking out some solid dslr cameras tomorrow, so perhaps I will have a new toy to play with.  Crisper images, I will of dream of you tonight.


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