Fractal Geometry (Right Wing Insanity)

I’ve always enjoyed looking for patterns.  As I’ve become older, I’ve become aware of the thin line between genius and insanity and how pattern seeking is a trait of schizophrenia.  Yet if you think about it the way most Americans live, you quickly realize how mentally disturbed and deranged many of the humans living in this quickly deteriorating country are.  The teabaggers, birthers, born-agains, and Obama worshippers are only a portion of them.  Many still believe we can return to the standard of living seen by the previous generations.

People are ignoring the reaility that not only can the earth not sustain a whole range of international citizens wanting to live like we live, but it won’t even sustain us living the way we have lived.  Rightfully so, we have toxified our environment, food, and bodies in the name of cheap food.  Well you are what you eat.  There is a reason so many people in this country suffer from weight problems, diabetes, and many other illnesses.  In addition to being bombarded by all kinds of electromagnetic waves and all the pollution in our air and water, many people stuff their bodies with nutritionally dead calories due to poverty, laziness, and addiction.  Yes, food is addictive, especially chemically engineered food.  It is designed to attack the pleasure centers of the brain to get you high and hooked while also being horrible for your physical and mental health.

Anyhow, it is late and I have some things to do tomorrow.  Last night, I enjoyed a killer documentary on fractals.  You can watch it on the interwebs at  After watching it, I think I’m going to check out a book about fractal geometry.  The footage also gave me some inspiration for photography.  I’ve been working with fractals for a while now, but hadn’t done any research into the concept.  Like Benoît B. Mandelbrot, author of The Fractal Geometry of Nature, I noticed patterns in the structures of nature.  Here are two new ones.  My job interfered with work today.

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