Pho & Photos

Today was a wonderful day despite the fact the sun departed after a morning pop-in leaving behind a drizzly, gray day.  Checking out the Volunteer Park Greenhouse, Frye Art Museum.  Frye is always free and often has good special exhibits.  Last year, they hosted a killer Robert Crumb exhibit.  Right now and through January 3rd, Frye has Open Roads and Bedside Tables: American Modernism (, which is also excellent.  Engaging and humorous, I enjoyed it enough to possibly check it out again.  With a chill in the air, it was perfect weather for hot, delicious, nutritious Pho (  Plus, I had enjoyable company to share the afternoon with.

I worked on my macro skills today in the greenhouse and came out with a few worthy shots.  I haven’t messed around with anyone of the pictures yet.  The backlog is getting larger and larger.  At times, my ocd slips from beneficial to a hinderance in regards to playing with the lighting and color levels.  Yet, I pushed ahead and got some work done.  Here are two images from today.  I am readying a few images for some photo contests and touching up some old photos that I feel would benefit from my improved skills.  Plus, I even got some good work done in ableton today and made a nice dinner with my friend.  It is nice to get back into the groove.

I leave you with one last photo.  I wasn’t entirely happy with the job I did on the original version of this.  I did a crop job and some altering to the area bothering me.  It’s not entirely done, but it is more pleasing to me at least.  And while I like sharing and selling my work, I still do it first and foremost for my pleasure.  I’m also driven crazy by the problems I find in many of my pictures.  Thankfully, my composition is improving as I become more thoughtful of what I’m doing, which is due to all the photography reading I’ve been engaging in.

The almost original.  Before cropping and morphing the white space, I cleaned up the overexposed area by covering up pixelation problems.

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  1. these are awesome photos.
    Thanks for sharing

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