Striking Out

Here are my most recent works.  I’ve been busy uploading images onto Flickr.  Just follow the link:  At this point, I will still post the images on the blog (and facebook), even though it seems stupid to separately post them when I could just do it all through Flickr.  I figure more people will see them if I continue to post them on facebook.  Flickr has a nice sense of community.  Plus, I’ll be able to better organize my work, which should make it easy for others to browse my work.

Today, I received money for the first three prints I sold, which paid me more than working an eight-hour shift at my low-paying job.  Having yet to get a substantial job that pays over $10/hr in my life, I am glad I discovered creative passions a few years back.  At this point, I have no interest whatsoever in going into social work, library science, or history.  I want to shoot pictures and video, write, play music.  I have good ears and keen eyes and no other enticing prospects, so an attempt to employ myself through art is worth the attempt.  Hopefully at some point I will be in a place where I will be able to provide creative opportunities to youth and do some mentoring.  I still have a strong desire to work with people, especially at risk youth, but through my own terms.  My experiences working with youth so far have left me with a strong dislike for the bureaucracy, politics, and policies involved when one works with government-supported agencies.

So if anyone feels like supporting me on my quest, you can always help out by buying a print or three.  The art prints have looked great at 16X20 and could potentially go larger.  Any photo as of now can only be enlarged to 11×14, although there are some that could work at 16×20.  I need to upgrade my camera to be able to do more.  My current one can’t even shoot in RAW format, which means I can’t submit photos to some stock photo agencies.  I’ve been doing research into different cameras and lenses and hope to have an improved setup by Christmas.  Your support only hastens the improvement.  Lastly, I even have a local printer to pass along some of the money to if you’re the type of person who likes to know where the money flows.

I feel like philosophizing some more, but will save it up for now since a Piston’s game is calling my name.  I’ve gotten through three Philip K. Dick books, a collection of Ansel Adams color prints with some of his writings about photography, and a good amount of an excellent photography book in the past ten days.  So I’ve had a lot of new ideas to feed upon.  I’ve been working on a story, but want to write about photography as well.  Anyhow, here are the images.

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