Here are some photos, some of which have been transformed, from my current neighborhood of Queen Anne.  My friend and I had some nice laughs out on our stroll through the neighborhood.  As we were enjoying some late night pizza, a street person walked up to us.  Expecting a request for change or food, we were totally surprised by what came out of the gentleman’s mouth.  “Do you have any ketchup?”  And he wasn’t eating french fries or anything requiring ketchup.  I guess he had a hankering for Ronald Reagan’s favorite vegetable.  Unfortunately, we were unable to help him out, so we sent him to Dick’s.  On the way up the hill, we encountered an older middle-aged man sprawled out in some bushes.  Inquiring if he was alright, he matter-of-factly responded “Yep, just crawling out of the bushes.”  People are strange.

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