Death to Wall Street & the Health Insurance Industry

Christ-Driving-the-Money-Changers-Out-of-Temple-Giclee-Print-C12020040After crashing the economy through shady schemes and getting bailed out because they control our government, the bankers are still at it even worse than before.  There have been no significant reforms.


Nor do I expect there to be any, which will result in another collapse of the financial markets as the shit bubbles burst again.  Like last time, the bankers will ask for a bailout and then hold the economy hostage again until they get it.  However, this time I think the anger will be broader and more active.  When there is another collapse and if there is another bailout, I even see myself being pushed into violent actions against banks.  There is only one action left when the proper channels of change are followed, but nothing is done about the problem (banks, health care, energy) even when the people want it.  Get ready because that time may be coming very soon.  If you expect the corporations to voluntary step out of the positions of power they have bought themselves, you better think again.  You better be careful how you vote Congress or the righteous anger may also be directed at you.

On a last, more positive note, there are at least two congressmen I do trust, Alex Grayson  (D-Fla) and Ron Paul (R-Tex).  If they were in charge, I’d feel comfortable about the direction the government of the United States is heading.  Until then, I am a man without a government.


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