Head for the Mountains


Having a bit of a bummer day,  I got home from my swing shift and put on some tunes while sipping on Busch 40s (mad cheap at the down the hill corner store).  A hard day and a drizzly night had me in the mood for some DJ Cam and more somber offerings.  Gloom burned off leading me to seek out new music, which led to a hilarious discovery.  I have a hundreds of gigabytes of music, which means there is a lot of stuff I have only touched upon or still haven’t gotten to.  Anyways, tonight I discovered I had a disco cover of Cream’s “White Room.”  While long and tedious, the novelty and ridiculousness of it is enough to justify posting it.  Seriously, an anesthetized synthesizer take on the pounding rawness of Cream, particularly Jack Bruce.  As my main  man Ahmad used to say “check it out.”




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