I know I have been not following through on my stated goals when it comes to recent blogging.  After a hella busy ten days of work, I finally had two days off in a row.  Despite, or maybe because of, the brutal heat, the two days off have been two of the greatest days of my recent life.  Yesterday, was one of the best days period of my life.  The glacier at Lake Serene cleansed my mind, body, and spirit.  I also got a lot of photographs taken.  Plus, I took some more pictures today.  The clouds have been smiling down at me.  I have been running them through photoshop and will be throwing up some picture posts soon.  Some unkut funk is coming too, I swear.  I need at least one more me.  And if you can, pray to St. Anthony for me.  I cannot find my cellphone.

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