Hello Is There Anybody Out There?

solar clouds

I’ve been incredibly busy with work.  When not working, I am usually working on music if I’m not kickin’ it w/ a few friends, which is often music related.  As a result, my photography and blogging have been slacking.  Music making is getting deeper.  A label is interested in releasing on one my yet unfinished songs, although the final mix is almost done.  After that’s finished and mastered, “OM” will be ready.  I am giving myself three weeks for the final product to be finished considering how much work I have coming up and my friend finding time to master it.   In addition to “OM,” I have been working on a couple of mixes, playing my new gear, and updating older ideas,all  around work and laundry and the daily errands of life.  Still, I hope to have some posts up soon.  Despite my heavy work load next week, I still have two days off and my laundry is settled for a while.  Having to bus offsite to launder is a time killer.

A USB record player is arriving Monday, so I plan to start uploading some vinyl.  I also hope to have a mix ready within 10 days.  My next week is hella busy (52 hours of work), so it won’t be finished anytime real soon, but I have around 1o minutes worked out as of now.  I have Monday off, so there will be a P-Funk post coming.  It’s time to sever the human-computer union for now.

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