The Sound of the Universe


Here is the latest version of “Om.”  The guitar is gone for now.  My friend is supposed to lay down some guitar for it at some point in the near future.

The past few days of work has left me more knowledgeable and confident.  Unfortunately, for all the work I did on a number of different songs, I had little concrete proof of work.  Being underemployed, I spend a lot of time home and alone.  While I am not fine with underemployment, I certainly don’t mind having the free time.  Still, it can be hard to show what you’ve done with your day.  This can be disappointing not too myself but to the people close to you in your life.  Returning from a long day of work, they don’t see what you’ve done because a lot of it isn’t obvious to the uninitiated.

Managing all the sounds is a different kind of work than work, but it is still labor.  I don’t spend my days watching tv or sleeping excessively long hours.  When I’m not on the job grind, I am engaged in a struggle to create meaning out of fragments.  Despite my employment struggles, I’m not that down.  It is hard not that to be happy when creating even despite the times you think what you’re doing is pointless and/or shitty.  Kind of how I feel most times when I write.

When I was unemployed the fall right after college, I spent a lot of time collaging.  Some days, I spent 6-8 hours sitting and cutting.  I had worked recycling, so I had stacks of choice material, including Rolling Stone issues and 1980s-era Ebony.  Being a cultural observer, I loved looking back through old advertisements while I searched for inspiration.  To create, I need to be surrounded in material.  My largest collage was upwards of 200+ pieces.  Utilizing that many images requires immersion.  Getting the right mix of 200 pieces requires a massive library to select from.  Creating music requires a similar level of patience and perseverance.  Sorry for the ramble, but typing is a nice break from ableton.

Here is another track, I am working on.

And here is a little montage of Death Wish 3.  I am working on a Death Wish piece, but couldn’t resist throwing some clips together.

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